Not too concerned about tonight

because if the conference wants a BYU vs. Gonzaga final that is what they are going to try and get. I do know that if we have the same officials that are doing the GU and Pepp. game BYU has absolutely no chance.

The first half was well officiated, objective and fair. The second half started okay but at about the 15 minute mark the officials abandoned the Waves and every call was going the Zags way. It helped to fuel the momentum, they got their confidence going and the blowout was underway.

I absolutely hate it when the officials get caught up in the excitement of the game and start giving the favorite those exciting “and one” calls. There it is again… 5:21 to go and they make the dramatic call.

Please don’t officiate the game tomorrow night… please.

Wrong again. Well called game except for a couple of bad calls against BYU. Another half to go. They heat up and we cool off it will be another nail biter. That’s why defense is so important. And the refs won’t help BYU.

LOL… you are wrong again because you obviously don’t realize I was talking about the Gonzaga vs. Pepperdine game.

“Well called game except for a couple of bad calls against BYU. Another half to go.”

Something about that reading comprehension thing… seems to rear its’ ugly head frequently. :slight_smile:

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Come on Jim. You make it sound like the higher ups told the refs to call BYU better to get them in. That just doesn’t make any sense. :wink:

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The level of collusion between basketball officials and a dark and nefarious underworld is always concerning. Not! Officials almost never decide games. Biased fans just think they do.

I believe your statement is correct -

“Officials almost never decide games.”

But, just by the words you chose you did leave it open to the fact that it does happen occasionally.

That has always been my assertion, that there is enough of it to discern when you see it.

It will be hard for me to not see it if BYU doesn’t play well enough to win tonight. :slight_smile:

Money decides games. The team that feeds the league has to be happy, or they go find a new league. GU owns the WCC, and always will. It’s not about BYU getting hosed–it’s about making sure GU gets paid; BYU was just the guy in the way. If GU loses they fall from a 2 to a 5 or 6, meaning instead of an easy game against some tiny school and a multi million dollar 2nd round payday for the WCC, GU could as a 6 actually play somebody capable of beating them, and the WCC loses MILLIONS of dollars. Follow the money and you will find the truth in NCAA football and basketball.

agree again Tom.

It’s tough trying to respond to the posts of fans who don’t understand the big picture.

Your explanation does exactly that. It’s all about the money.