Not worth staying up for

For a review of why this team ain’t going anywhere this year, watch the last 6 minutes of the first half. Really about as poorly as the game can be plaid at this level.

Nothing good at all to comment on. Sleep sounds good.

BYU now in 4th place. There are a lot of things I can comment on but there are a few that stand out. I’m curious why Nixon is getting so many minutes. He made so many critical errors in this game. That throw away and then standing there on D as the St. Mary’s player runs down behind him and gets a pass for a layup was brutal. I don’t understand BYU’s defense sometimes. Why do they leave guys so wide open? I saw Fischer chase (no pun intended) all the way down under the basket from the top of the key and left the guy wide open there for a straight away 3 at a critical point in the game. Why? who was he guarding?

Fishcer’ shooting was great, but no production from bigs and the steady fouls called on our big guys is ridiculous.

Being in 4th place in this league sucks. TIme to admit that BYU just isn’t that good.

Agreed on all points. We are an average team in a way below average conference. Having Austin would have made no difference today, because he would have been taken out with fouls anyway. No way Waldo was not getting his 20 and 10 at home tonight.

BYU will still come back and claim 2nd place, just call it a observant gut feeling.

We gave them 17 OBoards, wrap your head around that one. When has a team in D1 gotten 17 in a game. SMC is not going to beat us again and they will lose to some other WCC teams besides GU.

I believe that Coach Rose has either reached his peak or he is doing as good as he can with out effective bigs. Can this team play with inside players, if it had them. Does it have bigs who arre not producing?