Notes and take aways from the BYU-AZ game

Love our coaching staff. Love that Sitake trusts Detmer and Tuiaki. and don’t forget former SUU coach, Lamb. These guys have veteran coaching skills and they showed at the end of the Zona game when BYU got down late, not worries, we have our secret weapon…the Oldroyd kid. Love it.

We will see a very different game at Utah. BYU will have to throw the ball against Utah and their massive D line. Instead of Williams being the hero, We will be talking about Triniman, Kurtz, Pearson and Juergens…speaking of Juergens, he should get a game ball just for saving that low hike so that Jake, “get me some cleats” could make history.

While I’m thinking of it, I think we will see some Tanner M in the Utah game, just a gut thing.

The nation’s brainiacks had BYU winning 6 game this year. I truly wonder if they even know in what state BYU resides. Here is my take…New staff, yeah; Whatever. BYU has Hill, a 26 year old senior and behind him, Mangum. These guys running the show are winners. NFL type talent with brains. The Zona game only confirmed what I have been seeing, BYU will have at the most, 2 or 3 loses.

Lastly, I have to give Bronco his props. He left BYU with a very strong nucleus for Sitake to build from. These kids that Sitake is winning with were Bronco’s, just remember that! Also look at what Bronco inherited at Virginia…

Do you think Sitake and Tuiaki are licking their chops? They know all of Utah’s schemes on both D and O. Vegas has Utah by 4.5. I have BYU by 4.5, so take that Vegas.