Nothing earth shattering

I do not have an inside source, but I did talk to one of the starters on defense today and asked him how he felt about Bronco calling the defense this year. He said Bronco knew every position on defense and knew exactly what each position was supposed to do on each play. He said sometimes Bronco will stop practice and point out everything the defense should be doing on a play and he was pretty impressed with it all. He also said that Bronco is making them run “a lot”. This guy appeared to be in great physical shape so I didn’t take it that an out of shape guy was complaining, sounded like Bronco was working on their fitness levels pretty hard. I know, as do most/all of us that Bronco is a defensive genius but it was good to hear one of his players on defense was sold on the system and it sounded like everyone was working hard. This guy also said that he did not think there would be any suspensions from the Memphis game and that most, if not all, the penalties had been served through community service this summer. Hopefully that is the case so we are at full strength for Nebraska.

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