Nothing? No comments?

Brooks had a nice game without carrying the ball 25 times.
Can’t run WR sweeps more than a couple times.
Hall needs to have more options down field.
More pressure needed on QB.
Kickoff team on defense needs a lot of work…the worst part of today.

We need a new kickoff strategy

The first couple worked. But after that, new strategy

Great start on both sides of the ball and then the defense gets conservative. If somebody can explain the why for this scenario I will gladly listen.

It will cause problems going forward and could happen as soon as next week when Baylor comes to Provo. The defense has to get stops and create a turnover or two.

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Sitaki doesn’t like to run up the score. I wish he would think about that once we have a 50 point lead :sunglasses:

I’ll just leave it at that.

The big test is Baylor. Can’t sit back and let the Baylor QB pick BYU apart. Go cougs

Baylor is making no changes to the lineup. They like where they are at. other news:
FIRST LOOK: #21 BYU Cougars - Our Daily Bears

Definately more honest!