Now We Know?! Not much to cheer for any more

This team is going downhill quicker than world class skiers. Watched the game on “quick” replay in about 15 minutes (that’s all this is worth) and from what I saw, it was a stink fest.

Forget the NCAA tournament. I believe they may get a low seat in the NIT but that’s it.

I know some of you will disagree, but I believe this will easily go down as Rose’s worst coaching year so far. Yea, he only has so much to play with but I think he has made the least of it. Just my opinion, and I feel that way because he hasn’t even taught them to play decent defense or block out. Just really disappointed in this group.

The more times the ball is passed, the greater chance of it being picked off. The weave accomplishes this fact. We should get into a real motion offense and let Haws score out of it.

I thnk each player from here has to decide this is a team game. Why did KC take that 3 point shot down the stretch?

One other thing that has been plaguing us. End of halfs. We again missed every shot from the 5:45 minute mark to the 0.35 minute mark in the second half. Want to know why we lost? It happens in 1st half of games too.

Unfortunately the team isn’t what it was expected to be before the season. That being said, I have not been impressed with the job that Nashif has done with the offense since Rice left.
I’m not wanting to heap on anyone, but it wouldn’t be a bad thing to have some new, more experienced coaching blood and let Nashif go get some additional experience.

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