Objectivity and Fairness

Sometimes the difficult thing is the refs deciding what they think a foul is and then being equal on calling it both ways. But that’s what you and Fish are alluding to. How the contact is made because of the offense player’s drive or maneuvering on the court is what I think Jim doesn’t always see. Except for Saunders, our players do everything they can to avoid contact instead of creating the foul.

I disagree that this is the specific and only reason BYU is getting fouls. You guys act like it is only one thing. That is a myopic view in my opinion.

This is what I am alluding to as well. Why don’t you see that?

Of course I see it. Your simplistic assessment every week makes me think you don’t see it. Add to that the fact that you never agree with anything I say and that fact is the real issue. You just have a huge mental block with concurring or agreeing with any of my observations. I could tell you a player is wearing white shoes and you would disagree, saying they were off white or something. It’s true.

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The way we play offense is by far the predominant reason for the number of fouls versus the number our competition has. It’s also a major consideration on what a ref sees as a foul.

The “foul” will always be subjective unless AI robots take over. Do we want that? I don’t want it. Might as well put robots out there as the players too. They are based on how the players are playing, the offense and defense schemes. What the teams have to do is figure out how the refs are calling things. This includes any changes made at halftime. Reds get together and talk too.

I guarantee that if you have black shoes on and ask me what color shoes you are wearing, I will tell you that you have dress shoes on :rofl: