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How many penalties were called on #76? I realize he was in as a replacement for our starting lineman, but he sure seemed to have a hard time holding still before the snap and he cost us some big plays on holding calls. I hope we are recruiting quality linemen to shore up that part of the offense.

I think he had a 15 yard chop block, two 10 yard holds, and a 5 yard procedure penalty; total 4-45 yards–which equals Hill’s total first half passing yards. I was disgusted by both. I believe in this staff, but they are showing that either A) they are loyal to the starters no matter how bad the starters play, or B) they think the backups are no good.

I watched the game, if you watch the “chop” block (which actually a high low hit), the BYU guard hit the lineman low, and 76 trip over his feet and landed on both of them… It was not a chop block…

the other Holding call that they made on him, was when I think it was Canada running down to the 2, if you watch replay, 76 did has his jersey in his hands, but they where within the confines of the defenders shoulders. 99.9 percent of officials would not call holding.

The line lost three starters from last year (Johnson (knee), Wilcox (academics) and the Right tackle (sorry not going to try to spell his name)). that being said, the lost another lineman last week (Saofe (sp)) to a knee injury. So I think they are thin.

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We noticed the same on the holding call on the run to the 2!!! That was just an abysmal call. To add insult to injury, 76 had perfect form and position. As he pancaked his guy, the defender kind of rolled over just before he hit the ground so as to not be flat-backed, and all I can think is the official, out of the corner of his eye, saw the guy turned at the end and though 76 turned him. It was really a terrible call and symptomatic of a crew who far too often acted like it was their first game in stripes; they just acted so unsure of themselves so many times, called ticky tack fouls and then ignored obvious ones (for both teams).