Oh, and the one change nobody is talking about

Our strength and conditioning is off the charts. One reason we are able to come back in back to back games, we aren’t as tired as our opponents and I have yet to see a single player cramp up like we were used to seeing under the old regime. Sending the fat man packing for a trainer who actually practices what he preaches and is in the 21st century with understanding athletics, has been the single biggest improvement in the program this year.

We have a few more “legacy” layover staff members to weed out, but with their tenure and the BYU policy on asking people to retire, unfortunatly we may be stuck a few more years with this, but eventually those who have been paycheck grabbing underachievers will be sent packing as well. No more welfare coaches or trainers!!! Get them off the payroll!!!

Let’s to the same with the liberal and progressives in Congress too! It’s a new era in football and politics :slight_smile:

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And conservatives and moderates, and all who have been in longer than 2 terms!!! Term limits for all of Washington, and all of BYU athletic trainers, coaches, and staff!!!

LOL!!! So, what are the term limits for coaching staff?