Oh oh...Oregon is playing in its

4th straight PAC-12 final. Must be a conspiracy with the PAC-12 commissioner and the officials…

Did you know that Oregon won 88 to 57 over Utah. I am laughing my guts out. Utah has had a really good year but I love it when they get crushed.

Get back to us when it has been 17 in a row…

Nice try though, but maybe next time you can come in with something a bit more relevant.

The real question is “will Oregon get a deserved # 1 seed or will the committee screw the West again”?

Is that another one of those non-conspiracy things that doesn’t happen in college basketball?

Pay attention, you are missing a lot.

Won’t matter if they are the #1 team. They will win it all. Just play the games. What? Life isn’t fair? Sit back and enjoy the games. Overthinking leads to unhappiness. There are no conspiracies. The best team at the time will win. BYU misses 10 easy layups is all you need to know about the WCC tournament.

Yep. But I know Jim likes conspiracies as well as his choir :innocent:

Ignorance is bliss… that explains your “happiness”. :smile:

They did not deserve to win the championship. They played too many lousy games. They were just plain not consistent.

Wow, this LBSU vs. Hawaii game is a barn burner. It’s so much more fun to watch a game where the officials aren’t favoring one team over another and there is no incentive to make sure a particular team gets the ncaa bid. This is how basketball should be played and officiated. If Hawaii wins, it will be their first ncaa tourney appearance in 14 years. I don’t know about Long Beach, but they are fighting hard and they could win this game.

I know these aren’t the greatest teams in the ncaa nor is it a big time basketball conference but at least the game feels real and not contrived.

Two point game with 7 minutes to go. I’ll bet these teams are glad they aren’t in the west coast gonzaga conference… how much more west coast can you get than Long Beach and Hawaii?

Went down to the very end and LBSU had a chance to win it with a three but missed. At least they had a chance to win, something no wcc team not named Gonzaga had in the wcc tournament. First time in 14 years Hawaii has been to the ncaa tournament. That is how basketball should be… no bias, no need to have the same team from your conference make it every year.

Good for the big west conference.

Maybe Coach K will call Dr. Hill and ask him to quit playing Oregon. The Ducks might be too dirty, they beat the Utes too much.

Oh, I see now. The WCC should fix the games so each year someone else wins the tournament and gets to go to the Dance. Finally you Freudian out what you really want :slight_smile:

LOL!!! That would be right on…

Yeah… sort of what they are doing already and now it has come back to bite them. Gonzaga is the only team in (as usual) and the league has now been demoted to 11th best overall, not even in the top 10 conferences in D-1 basketball.

I remember somebody saying that maybe the league was better this year (LOL) and the teams were stronger overall (double LOL). That was you. I also remember somebody saying that the wcc was in danger of getting only one bid and was starting to slip… so much for parity. Yeah, that was me.

So the next question is… will you learn anything from the wisdom that I share with you or will you continue in your stubborn, uninformed ways?

What is evident is the strength of schedule that these brains deciding the tournament seem to decide who are strong teams. It’s all subjective. The WCC was deeper this year. But those who rank assume they weren’t as strong. But they, like you, are wrong.
So, to take away the assuming, limit the number of teams from every conference that can go to the tournament. Or, open up more slots and still limit the number to 5 or 6.

You are choosing to stay locked in your uninformed ignorance. So now you know more than the guys who spend the entire season evaluating games, wins and losses, the overall strength of each team and their conference, who they beat, who they lost to, etc. ?

Does the word narcissist mean anything to you? Classic…

And you are locked into a stupid conspiracy :slight_smile: shhhhhh…the NIT is being announced

Look it up… it fits pretty good.

Naw, you were answering yourself. But that’s okay. You don’t let others like me give my viewpoint because it’s wrong to you :slight_smile:

Well, you’re wrong and you’re right.

Wrong because I have no say in whether you give your viewpoint. You are completely free to express the belief that the wcc is a stronger conference this year than it usually is. On the other hand you are right because that viewpoint is inaccurate and wrong. There is NOTHING to base it on. The wcc teams haven’t beaten many good or decent teams this season (Good or decent being based on how well those teams have done) and their games against each other have been okay for the most part, until there was something on the line or at stake and then we knew how it would go. I presented the different scenarios for the best odds of getting two teams into the ncaa tourney and it played out exactly how I said it would, but St. Mary’s was excluded because of the overall weakness of the conference. No matter to the wcc because the team they wanted to make it ultimately did, and if you are going to have one team from the conference make it, the wcc wants Gonzaga.

Actually, the experts don’t mention any weakness of the conference. They said the weakness of their schedule is the reason why they and UAB didn’t make it. I simply believe that trying to lump conference play with outside conference games is impossible to correlate. Teams in a league know the players of each team and coaches far better than outside teams would. Conference teams can compete with each other because of this and the level of competition. Much easier to scout.
Because of this, I think that their can be better balance in the tournament and less politics deciding who has the best teams. All teams are part of the NCAA. So treate them like they are. Limit the number of representatives from each conference to 3 and get more excellent teams in. The best team at this time of the year will win.