Oh, the pain....the pain

Greg Wrubell just tweeted the following: “Three days after going 12-for-23 from the 3-point line in a one-point win over BYU, South Dakota today shot 3-for-21 from deep in a 21-point loss at Air Force.”

I’m positive we have some great players. okay, very good players. Johnson injury hurts more than just his knee. We have some difficult games ahead: UVU (I never thought I’d say UVU would be difficult), Creighton, Utah. It’s time to start surprising people.

Teams get up to play us and shoot out of their minds against us. However, our 3 point defense was horrible. I don’t understand why we weren’t extended out further on them until half way through the 2nd half.

you have been saying this for years, but evidence of such …hmmm

You gave it. South Dakota shoots out of their minds against us and then terrible against lesser teams. So has other teams this year as well. Plenty of proof. And you will see it tomorrow against UVU too.

BYU projected—here any everywhere—as a very good mid major team this year. The reality has been that we are a below average mid major without a single ball handler who can take over the game. And therein lies the problem. To win in college ball, you need one guy who can take the ball and put the team on his back (Jimmer, Tyler Haws, Barcello, etc) and score the ball repeatedly down the stretch. We simply don’t have that. At least so far.

at this point, I would run Hall with the 1s

I thought Hall was going to handle the last play against South Dakota.

At this point, I think it is going to be a very long season for BYU basketball.

I do not see them beating any in state schools (Utah, USU, Weber State, UVU) right now.

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Including Provo high school? You did say in-state schools.

Yea wasn’t sure to say schools or colleges.