Oldroyd's Kicking

One of the best things about the Utah game was seeing our freshman field goal kicker again. Two 40+ yard field goals right down the middle. What strikes me most about his kicking is the smooth, relaxed way that he kicks! He swings his leg like Payne Stewart used to swing the golf clubs. I know it’s too early to say, but he looks like he is going to be a very good kicker for the Cougs!


I don’t think it is too early. What I think we should be saying or talking about is this… why is he a walk-on? BYU has a history of kicking game troubles.

I blame favoritism, nepotism and bubble living… :grinning:


He’s a Texan, what can you expect? Excellence in football His high school in one of the best in Texas H.S. football, Lake Carrol South. But he’s got his missionary papers in. He did it the day after the Arizona game. He turned in his papers with my granddaughter.

He will be called to the Utah County mission and assigned to work on the BYU campus. P-day will be every day but Sunday and he has to spend it with the football team. Plus, how can a 15 year old kid serve a mission, anyway? You HAVE seen him with his helmet off, right?