One guess at the least attended game next season

Remember all the discussions about not scheduling fcs schools? I’ve been watching next year’s schedule with apprehension, waiting for another home game to be added to the schedule, and now our worst fears have been realized. Another FCS team at home in late November. I feel bad for the team, because the players deserve our support for the work they put in, but who wants to freeze their butt to the bleachers watching them beat up a lower division team? To be fair, SUU has been pretty good this year, played a tough game with Utah state.

Believe me-you won’t mind playing SUU with all the other teams you have to contend with.

Apparently you don’t understand that there are no other options that late in the year! The teams you want are in the middle of their conference races. The fact is, next year will be the toughest schedule for any D-1 school. To have a breather game is just fine with the players and most logical and reasonable fans.

The bottom line is that BYU should be in a P-5 conference. But because of geography and perhaps some good old fashioned discrimination we are not in P-5. If you look at the bottom half of almost all P-5 conferences, except perhaps the PAC-12, BYU has a larger stadium, a big student body, very competitive sports teams ,etc, etc. Take a look at some/up to half of the P-5 teams and compare them to BYU’s sports facilities and competitiveness. Big 12:Iowa State,Kansas (except for basketball). Big 10: Indiana (going down in basketball), Maryland, Rutgers, ACC:
NC State, Wake Forest. PAC-12 Ariz., Ore. St., Wash. St., Colo., UTAH. SEC: Vandy, Miss., Miss St.
There are for sure more schools in P-5 conferences with lesser student bodies, smaller stadiums/arenas, lesser competitiveness than BYU. But we are on the outside looking in and these schools and others are inside the P-5 and looking out at us.

Once again, disagree. Geography yes, discrimination no. Other conferences and schools and churches don’t have the conviction and understanding the Sabbath is not a holiday. It’s a holy day. And, our Church owned schools are not going to have football glory over the Lord. Can you handle that? That doesn’t mean the P-5 conferences are discriminating against our faith. They are looking at us based on realistic needs for their conferences. Every school will have to give up events they schedule for Sunday and they just aren’t going to do it. That’s not prejudice.

You really think straight up and religious prejudice against the LDS Church is not a factor in NOT inviting BYU into a P5 conference? I would not say it is the only factor or possibly the overriding factor but it is there nonetheless. No Sunday play for BYU has at least 2 implications: messing up scheduling for P5 conferences plus “proof” of the kookiness of the LDS Church. And P5 conferences are skittish about kookiness.

The conferences have already scheduled track, basketball and other sports on Sundays. Are you saying that If the conferences don’t stop playing on Sunday then that is religious bigotry? LOL!!!
You are simply 100% wrong!

Sorry, do not understand you comments.

Pretty simple. Why would conferences stop their Sunday sports for us? And, when they don’t and don’t let us in, somehow that’s religious bigotry? I don’t understand your thinking.

You really and honestly think that is the only issue or level of bias?. You cannot be that obtuse or naïve, can you?

Why do you blow things so out of proportion? There is nothing out there to suggest that it’s anything more than we won’t give up worshipping the Lord on Sunday’s. It’s the only logical reason. It’s your conspiracy that is obtuse.

Hey man, keep on living in your own little fantasy world.

As you live in your fearful world of conspiracy.

First of all I am not fearful, at least that kind. Secondly, I have personally observed and experienced such bias. So call me a liar. But you go on living in your world and I will live in mine and never the twain shall meet. And I am done with this. You and I can continue to be smartass with each other and there will be escalation. Not worth it to me. I have other things much more important to occupy my time and energy.

Yes you are fearful if you think everyone is out to get you (BYU). Along with this, you mix up a business decision by a league with your own personal experience.

Not taking BYU because we won’t play any of the other sports on Sunday is a business decision and not a bigoted one. Your irrational fear of bigotry is the same as the liberals have concerning conservativism.

:fearful: :fearful: :fearful: :fearful:

Don’t worry about it. You are safe :smile: