One nail biter down, on to Nicholls St

Did you know Nicholls St is in Louisianna? Neither did I
Oh, Great; another Sr loaded team. After that last nail biter, I was hoping for a patsy. In the Missouri St scouting, I said that MSU did not have dominate inside play unlike SDSU. But I also said that MSU had the advantage inside, which proved to be the case (although Atiki would have something to say about that). Well, was I talking out of both sides of my mouth? Nope, Veteran talent always wins.

Nicholls St is no exception, This is another Veteran team, but they are getting smaller. The tallest guy on this team is 6’8. The starting 5 run 6’, 6’3, 6’5 and two 6’7. So, I am going with:
Foos and Atiki have a big night.
And so do the rest of BYU. First game that BYU scores 80, there I said it, BYU’s scoring drought is over (now don’t go and make me wrong, BYU)

Warning: Jr Micah Thomas is ON FIRE. First 2 games, he is the highest rated player on planet earth. 8-9 from 3land. Leads the team in every stat but rebounding. low TO. Please guard him, double him, I don’t care, just make someone else beat you.

I did like how Pope substituted in the MS game, Did not like substitutions in the SDSU game particularly, Hall, Saunders and Stewart in at the same time in the 2nd when we coughed up the big lead.
After 3 tight games, we needed this one, now don’t go making me look bad.
BYU 80-70 NSU.

Last night was the 2nd game in a row where we shot great in the first half and ranked in the 2nd half. And, if Williams keeps dribbling by defenders with the ball extended and up high, he needs to sit during crunch time. I’m wondering about his court vision.

If Watterman keeps shooting like last night, Pope can rotate the big 3 so that we see Fousse and Atiki in at the same time. Especially against Gonzaga and St. Mary’s.

Agreed on BYU to 80.
We should kill them on the boards—Manny Little is strong on the boards—8.0/game last year and this year—but their other “bigs” don’t rebound. They have a total of 3 blocks in 2 games, so they probably won’t be disrupting many shots at the rim either. Huge advantage BYU inside.

Thomas has been their everything. Hold him to 20 and BYU wins going away.

How does 54-32 sound to you. I don’t recall a regulation game that had more. How about that Saunders kid? should of left him in for one more.

Got 11 and more importantly, 0-1 from 3land. Johnson did not have a great shooting night but he sure locked down Thomas.

Keys to the win:

  1. Boards-Check

  2. Inside play:

Foos gets 15, Atiki 10: Check

  1. Stop Micah Thomas
    Non factor, great job Spens!

  2. Turnovers- Still a struggle with 21, beginning to think our Coastal Carolina transfer is a bust. Rudi had 5-yuck. Waterman fell hard after that 15 point 3land outburst to 4 TOs and 1-4 from three, but he did have that SWEET block at the rim.

  3. Saunders- Oh my goodness, where did that come from??? 9 and 9 Rebs! Pope shoulda left him in for a double double, he earned it!

  4. Curious George had a great night, 15 and 10 boards. Does that mean he will disappear against USC?

  5. Never seen the refferees before, some mighty curious calls out there but we got NSU’s best athlete and one of their bigs in foul trouble, game-set-match.

  6. shout out to to NSU’s athlete that swatted Waterman’s shot, dude must have a 45" vert. OMG!!!

  7. Stewart is our version of that leaper, serious hops. I am liking him more and more.

  8. Pet peeve: When someone is HOT from 3land (White 4-4) could ya maybe cover him? all he does is shoot from one spot, thank you in advance. hahahaha.

  9. Does BYU just not run smoother with Hall running the show, just asking for a friend.

Good job BYU, you beat up on a team ranked #200, now let’s see how much gas we have in the Tank on a beatable USC team that has been ranked in the top 20 for several years now but off a little with several very high draft picks gone.