Open Letter to our AD and HC

Thank you HC and AD for making the improvements in our programing that once again brings us more hope.

Thank you for programing more P5 teams as an Independent than what could be possible have scheduled as a mid major conference team.

Thank you for listening to our concerns and responding to those concerns in a positive manner. Thank you, for responding to our concerns by strengthening our SOS. Please remember our concerns about never, ever again, scheduling a FCS team for any reason. Just say No.

Thank you for taking us from the depths of despair, pre January 2015 era when we thought that the ACC and the SEC was forcing us into insignificance by demanding that P5 teams play at least one P5 non conference game, which would make it next to impossible for us to ever play a significant team again. Those two conference made a point that Independent ND would be considered a P5 team for programing purposes but BYU was not a ND and BYU did not qualify to be considered a P5 team for programing purposes.

Thank you for scheduling 43 P5 teams to play us, holding the course, through 2027. Thank you for making us schedule, as much as possible and act as much as possible like a P5 team. Thank you for putting a big distance between us and Mid Major teams.

Thank you for making if possible with our new and improved SOS and attitude, that had the ACC in January and now, in March, the SEC, accept us as being on the same footing as ND making us a P5 Independent team for programing purposes. Keep up the SOS programming.

The new emphases must change from how many winning seasons we have and how many bowl games we go to. The new emphasis must be how many P5 teams we can get to play us, win or lose, winning seasons or not, bowl games or not, and how strong our SOS can get with the conspicuous absences of all FCS teams on our schedule.

We must work on P5 teams to come to Prove during the 3 months we play ball and not just in September, however, many baby steps has brought about this newest giant step. If we must survive with a decent SOS
by having the power teams come in September, so be it. We must play those power teams when ever and where ever we get them. (for now). Later, we can expect anther giant step.

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Why not play P5 teams in September when we are healthy. Makes sense. Play them when Taysom and Jamaal are healthy. In the future, for the same reason…


Your attachment is great. Maybe it is a bit exaggerated. Maybe it isn’t. Maybe it is really as the non Mormon world sees us. Maybe we should ignore it. Maybe we shouldn’t. Personally I think it is your very best post.

What is the guy telling us and the world?

He is telling us that we can’t have it both ways.

We either have to act like a P5 team, schedule like a P5 team and stop doing things like a mid major team or we are nothing but a laughable bad joke to all that are not Mormons. Yes, in the states, we are 8 million strong vs 300 million of all of us. World wide, we are 12 million strong vs what, a billion? What the rest of the world thinks about us, does matter, If we don’t believe that, we are a major part of the problem.

We can’t schedule like a mid major team and demand to be a P5 team. It is laughable in an ugly was when we demand what we don’t earn… The growing pains are painful, but no pain, no gain.

grass hopper,

we do play most of our ZP5 teams in September. The complaints that you hear on this board is that there are no significant games left to play in November.

This 2015 season is an exception to the rule as the last game of the season, for us, is vs. Missouri. Last season the last game fo the season, for us, was vs. Cal.

As you suggest, the other power teams that we play are in September,are vs. Nebraska, UCLA, and Michigan.


Tell me how I can get this attachment to my email so that I can forward to others.

I have tried everything that I know how to do, but I have not found a way to forward it.

I think it is priceless when coming to explaining why SOS is so important and how-+ out outsiders, not of our fold, see us at BYU, when trying to become P5 without programing like P5 teams.

Here is the link not inbedded so you can copy and paste


RU said he thought this was your very best post.

That is funnier than the video clip.

Your very best post was a link to something else… :smile:

LOL Jim Hawks, LOL and can’t stop!!!

I did/do like the attachment. (KC), I did/do think that it was 100% on target when it comes to showing how those outside of our own flock sees us when we try soooooo hard to become P5 with our own words and than program teams like Idaho, Idaho State, Savanna State and now Weber.

There is some serious conflict between what we want and how hard we are willing to work for it, as seen by those out side our own flock, while those within our own flock always has the answers to rationalize instead of correct the situation.

I give our AD A+ as far as improvement is concerned with programing P5 teams,
but at the same time I give him a D- for programing FCS teams. He must learn to just say No
to programing FCS teams.

While I do believe that our programing is now better than it has ever been, I also believe we have not yet reached the 9 - 10 P5 teams on our schedule that other P5 teams must have as a P5 team in a P5 conference. If we want to be thought of as a P5 team, we must program and we must act like a P5 team.

Jim, I do remember some conflicts that you and KC have had. I do remember the subjects regarding his inside contacts. I remember some pretty good posting that he has done and also some that were not as good , in my opinion, as I would have liked the posting to have been.

I appreciate the humor of your post. Because of all said above, I do believe that his attachment was his best post.


Thanks for helping me with your attachment.

I still believe that more than anything that any of us
have said with all of our own blogging, that this best
tells the story of how others think about us and our SOS
along with our desire to be a P5 conference team,
but program like a Mid major team.

Again, with the above Criticism, I must also complement
the efforts of our AD as he is programing more P5 teams per
season than at any other time in our history. Give praise where
praise is due.

I am still very critical of programing FCS team regardless of the
reason, or who’s fault it is. Just say No.

Your stock with me as gone up with this attachment and your
posting since the attachment.


Funny video! I don’t think BYU is viewed that negatively by most people right now because we’ve been so good in the past and we’ve shown a few brilliant flashes even though we had a bad season due to injuries. They may hate us but they know we’re tough to beat. Independence is a bandaid though. The reason I hate it is it gives us nothing to play for after just one loss. That really takes a lot of fun out of the season. I don’t think going back to the MWC is that bad of an idea. We were the 3rd best team when we left and we’d probably be the 3rd best if we came back.

Interesting comments KCBlack… errr, MikeH.

It’s crazy how similar the two of you sound in your posts. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You’re onto us Jim. Must be that sixth sense kicking in again.

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Mike, I respect your opinion, and you do sound like a realist. I do respect that.

We see things differently. You see us having nothing to play for if we lose one game.

I see us having the opportunity of playing teams like Nebraska, Michigan, UCONN, Cincinnati, Missouri, et. al. this season instead of the likes of Wyoming, Fresno State, San Jose State etc if we go back to the MWC.

If we are lucky enough to get past Boise State and Utah State and all the other teams of the MWC and win the MWC, we just MIGHT have the opportunity to play 1 P5 team in a major Bowl game. As for me, I would rather not play that Bowl game and play teams like our 2016 schedule of Arizona,Utah Utes, UCLA, West Va., Michigan State, Cinn., and Souther Miss.

To me, it’s a no brainer.

You make some excellent points. It’s not like any of us aren’t going to watch the rest of the season after we lose. I think this will probably happen with Boise State which is only the second game of the season. I always take losses too hard. It depresses me for days. Yeah I know, silly :slight_smile:

Thanks Mike,

I appreciate the respect that we have for each others opinions, even when we do not agree. I do enjoy your style of writing. Keep it up. You are an excellent contributor.


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Thanks Ron! I respect you too and appreciate your points.

Before the new format of cougarfan there was a guy, I think his name was Mike, that used to post regularly during the football season and he overused the exclamation point !!!, putting it after every sentence, etc.

You aren’t that same guy are you?

Ha ha, I don’t think so, but I have actually been on this site for at least a decade. I kind of stopped coming here for anything other than the sports articles for quite awhile after my wife and kids and I moved from Colorado to Phoenix. Not sure why exactly. I was surprised this site remembered me. Stop making fun of me Jim!!!