Optimistic: I hate that I feel this way but

■■■■ Harmon’s recent article about A.J. Steward has fanned the enthusiastic embers of this fan. I especially like this quote:

“I would say I’m a big believer in discipline. I have a quote I use all the time, 'How you do anything is how you do everything.

“What I take from that is you can’t cut corners in anything. If you do cut corners in your personal life it is going to show up in other facets of your life. It’s the same thing in football. If you cut out a rep in the weight room, it’s going to show up in a game and on the field."

I like the rest of the offensive hires for the most part. I’m still miffed by Roderick’s flip flops, but he did well as an OC. Grimes and Pugh should be outstanding working with the Oline.

I think a great quarterback should emerge among Hall, Wilstead, Wilson, and Romney. That preseason group (as a group) sounds better than last year’s Mangum, Hoge, Detmer, and Critchlow; although, Mangum is clearly the best of the bunch on paper prior to 2017.

Speaking of on paper, for the most part our recruiting ranking sucked; however, we still got some good players. Add the transfers such as Hoge and Kirby and BYU did okay.

Just one month until spring ball…excitement is in the air and it doesn’t smell like the stench from a nearby factory.