Other takeaways from the BSU game

Mangum is becoming quite the ESPN darling. He has been highlighted for the second time in 2 weeks. Deservedly.

Did we not learn a single thing from the Brawl Bowl? Byu is also on ESPN for the low blow punch to the nuts by our lineman. Dork!

BYU is very good against the middle runs but we a suspect when it comes to speed on the edges and play way to far off receivers. UCLA will eat our lunch after digesting film…get it?

BYU can go to UCLA and win with our baby heisman and his tall targets (kuntz will learn to never give up on a play, that interception was all on him) and if we could get past a top ranked UCLA, BYU would be in the driver’s seat for a new year’s bowl game. Michigan is not that good and rushed for all their scores today, something that BYU excels at stopping.

BYU has to run under those punts rather then get pinned inside the 10, that just killed us.

Nacua and Kaufusi killed BSU. time for bed…wow what a game.