Ouch, ouch and ouch. and you thought we were suffering


Michigan State’s season is over, there is nothing to play for.

Welcome to our nightmare.

Misery loves company so maybe we can commiserate on Saturday! We can always remind them of a few positive outcomes to a slow start to football season. Just remind them of the following:

  1. Basketball is just around the corner (or volleyball in the case of BYU).

  2. GPA for football fans (students) goes up a full point after two consecutive losses.

  3. A ton of $$ is saved on FB jerseys you would normal buy to wear to games.

  4. You eat healthier (fewer nachos and cheese).


Oregon sports radio is packed all day with “Fire Helfrich” talk because the Ducks lost a few games. This is just a couple years after playing in the NC game. There are no easy days for coaches of top programs once expectations boil over.

One of the issues Bronco had at BYU was the poor way he handled expectations. He would throw out a comment from time to time about the goal to win a national championship. Coaches can sometimes be their own worst enemy. I haven’t heard Sitaki mention anything about wanting to win a national championship or be consistently ranked in the top ten, etc. I am sure he would like either one but you aren’t going to hear him mention it. He knows the value of managing expectations as much as possible. Of course, it would be a lot harder to manage expectations if BYU had recently played in a NC game like Oregon has.

The only thing that Coach Sitaki said that he HATES TO LOSE! I like that and not mentioned about NC nor want to talk about Big 12 invite which is a distraction for this football season. Winning a NC or getting in one is laughable. Only some top 5 or 10 are a must for those top schools of P5 conference. I think NCAA need to boot those top schools that way they can hire (pay those players) top HS Players for future NFL and same with NBA. That way we don’t need to see/hear those me,me,me - want,want,want selfish attitude. I don’t care nor do I watch any other team play anymore. Go Cougars Sports!

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