Our Defense is an Embarrassment

BYU 100% deserved to lose this game. Our defense is an abomination. All year we get dominated in TOP, can’t stop teams on 3rd down, and it’s frankly embarrassing. Sitake lacks the courage to intervene, and that’s sad. When he went for it on 4th and 7 AT MIDFIELD in the FIRST QUARTER it was either the most arrogant or most desperate (and sad) decision I’ve ever seen by a HC. That decision alone proved that Sitake knows how bad we are on D, but his loyalty to his cousin is greater than his loyalty to the program and the team as a whole. It’s shocking and embarrassing to me as a fan and alumnus

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And I note that without PAC12 officials I didn’t see a single bad call or badly missed call for either team the entire game b

And in case you were wondering whether BYU HC or DC made ANY adjustments at half, these are UAB’s second half drives:
11 plays 6 min FG
5 plays and LUCKY int on terrible drop by WR
15 plays 8 min TD
9 plays 4 min clocks game.

We did NOTHING to adjust. As in zilch. BYU coaching massively exposed.

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Well, Jim and I were texting back and forth about the obvious holding that was not being called. But, there were no holding call for either side all game long.

Yes, the defense could not stop them missing assignments like the 4th and 7 TD. And, at the end allowing runs to be bounced outside. That’s more coaching and not having the starting LBs. But, we have our offense and we should have been able to win. That fumble that was called wasn’t a fumble. But, timing with receivers was evident with Romney. With Hall we win.

I saw what I thought was a hold by UAB on the first TD pass that they threw. Otherwise the BYU defense sucked.

There was more than one hold. None were called on both sides. Samson’s fumble wasn’t a fumble

Ultimately Tom is right. The defense did nothing to change the course of the game and eventually the outcome. That 4th and 7 TD pass had the DC signature all over it. UAB lined up and they knew the receiver would be wide open because of the way the D was lined up and how they would play that down. Our defense makes it too easy for the opponent’s offense to come up with a successful game plan. BYU has more talent than UAB yet they exceed their expectations and BYU falls short of theirs. It is a scene we have watched play out the entire season. BYU won a lot of close games but those were all games they could have won easily. The BYU team slogan is “charity never faileth” and they always allowed their opponent to believe they could win the game. Not sure why but that is the way the Cougars roll. It must be frustrating to play for coaches who don’t aggressively pursue victory. They seem to be content to barely win or lose and leave the opponent feeling good regardless of the outcome.

It is frustrating as a fan but maybe that is the way the athletic department wants it to be.

With you half way. Then you lost me…

Yes, I figured you would get lost along the way. A lot like BYU, we kind of know what will happen.

Did you watch the basketball game???

But I promise you, we are going to learn from this, and we will be a better team.” — BYU football coach Kalani Sitake

Yea—aaaah, right…Kalani had about 10 games in a row of this and said about the same thing after every game.

Cue laugh track……

Perhaps the coaching staff is doing exactly what they were asked to do.

Win more games than you lose. Make sure you don’t lose big, unless it is against a good team. Keep the games close so the opponent isn’t humiliated or feels bad.

Straight from the department… Official statement - (pay close attention to the last few words, it helps explain a lot regarding our football team)

The Committee for Diversity, Collaboration, and Inclusion seeks to nurture a Zion community–grounded in unity, mutual respect, and charity toward all–in the BYU College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences. To achieve this goal, we support the college in the following three areas: (1) We promote the recruitment, training, retention, promotion, and support of faculty of color, women faculty, and faculty from other underrepresented groups, recognizing that their perspectives and contributions enhance the quality of our college’s research, teaching, and programming. (2) We collaborate with faculty members, deans, chairs, mentors, and other campus partners to create inclusive academic environments where faculty, students, and staff of all backgrounds and experiences can succeed, thrive, and contribute to the aims of Brigham Young University. (3) We directly support the College in its goal to help students become informed citizens and thoughtful leaders who make our BYU community and the broader communities in which they live more just, equitable, happy, and inclusive.

NOT to justify the usual horrible job our DC does, but we only had 5 of the original 11 starters on the field today.

Our best DB Robinson did not play.

Add to that, if you remember me saying something about this bowl game was a let down for the players and they probably didn’t want to play. My opinion only.

Here it come for BYU - woke socialism. That is what that statement is all about. I would guess that the BOT approves of this statement, else why would that committee be established and the statement issued. I would suppose the BOT understands what this means.

They wanted to play. If not, Allgeirs would have not played. The defense wasn’t prepared. But, we lost it in the first quarter when Hall didn’t start and we fell behind 14-0 in the rain. We came out flat before starting to play hard. Then, there was the mystery fumble that he never controlled the ball for two step required.

So based on your theory, because Allgeirs played, he coming back to BYU instead of going to the NFL, Right?

They played because the school AD and coaches told them to play. But I am almost certain that if they left it up to the players, a good portion of them would say “No”. But because BYU has an image to protect, they did not give the option to the players.

As far as the rain is concerned, that is an “Excuse”, these kids have played football in the sunshine, rain, snow, etc. since they were 8 years old. So, playing in the rain is nothing new to them.

They played horribly in this game because the players simply did not want to be there. It showed in their performance on the field. Even when they struggled against Georgia Southern, I saw better effort by the team than what was on the field yesterday.

Kalani learned this from both Edwards and to some extent Whittingham, no need in embarrassing someone when unless they deserve it.

The rest of the comment is more of the Political Correctness, I guess people would call me a caveman for feeling this way, I call it “Authentic” :open_mouth:

I totally disagree about not wanting to be playing a bowl game. That’s just nonsense for anyone to think for them. Not one player interviewed acted or said they did not want to be there. On the contrary. BYU came out flat because Hall didn’t play and the plays called were simple and unimaginative for someone who didn’t play much during the year. The defense only had 5 starters playing and allowed too many points.

Players are not forced to play if they are leaving for the pros. Nothing to stop them. They can always claim an injury…hmmm. Where do you get that idea from?

The rain had an effect on both teams. However, they recovered a fumble and we did not even though they had a couple. Especially Samson’s fumble that was all wet ball caused. Two games we lose to inferior teams and both in rain-wind conditions. Sounds plausible.

You hit the nail on the head—passive interest + passive scheme = abject failure. If I watched back the Utah game I would see that motivated, aggressive players + aggressive scheme = success.

Oh stop it! The same could be said of UAB. Our kids were motivated. We came out with flat play calling. Got down 14 and started making better play calling. Your perspective needs improvement. The glass is half full at BYU and the Church is still true