Our score keeper needs to be

Replaced. Every game the score keeper gets lost. It’s driving me crazy!!!
We should be up by 30 at halftime. But, the second stringers sucked! Austin looked horrible!

That was one of the ugliest games I have ever seen. Good luck with Belmont. Would USU even want Davis back? What is wrong with Fischer-he looks more rattled than the freshmen. I guess Haws was even better than we thought along with Winder and Bartley. Good thing Emery showed up or it would have been a big L. Yikes and they were supposed to be dominated on the boards. This game was like a bad dream! I know two players that never got in the game that could have played better. ugh

Can we just be honest here.

This team stinks. There is no nice way to put it. Their defense stinks, their offense stinks, and freethrow shooting stinks. When they start playing D-1 teams, they are going to get their rear ends handed to them on a silver platter.

I’m a BYU fan of almost 50 years and outside a year or two right after coach Reed, this is the worst excuse for Division 1 ball I have seen. As a fan, it’s mighty close to unwatchable and I’m surprised Rose hasn’t thrown up on the court.

On an individual level, no one is playing worth a bean. Fisher is playing so horrible on both ends of the court he doesn’t deserve the time he’s getting. Collinsworth is mostly a no show. Take away the first game of the season and Davis is basically a zero. Austin is Austin, struggling to do anything against Gus 6" shorter than he is. Kafusi works hard but still not consistent on either end. Emery gives more effort than anyone else but just can’t knock 'em down consistently. And every one of the subs stunk. What’s left?

Score after first 6 minutes was BYU up 22 to 5. BYU lost the rest of the game, the other 34 minutes to a really lowly small college team. They could have won this down the stretch, that’s how close this was. Unbelievable. The guys should be glad there’s no school the rest of the week because they would have to be too ashamed to show up in class.

Did I say they stunk again tonight?

I’m glad I’m a volleyball fan because unless some type of miracle happens, this team will be playing for nothing more than pride by mid January whereas the volleyball team may content for a national championship. If this B-ball team goes better than 500 it will be an inditement against the entire conference.

We start that weave and we get trapped. This team tried to keep us from shooting open 3s. Yet, we had no offense for it.
But let’s be honest, MVV shot way better than they have before. We simply didn’t do a lot of basics like boxing out on the rebounds. When we got a rebound, they would swarm. We had no outlet for a quick pass. At least last year we did.

Yeah it was a disappointing game to say the least but these are the kind of stinkers you are grateful to win and then you go on to the next game and hopefully better days will make this one a hazy memory before December is over. I am not sure what is going on because there is some top flight talent on this team. A lot of those guys were highly recruited. They seemed a bit a bit lacking in energy and focus and the other team appeared to be zoned in on the game. It should have been an easy 30-40 point win. I don’t know if there are chemistry issues or a lack of consistent effort at this point. There was quite a turnover in personnel from last season’s group and this team just doesn’t seem to have jelled yet.

The fact we were up 22-5 says we do have something. I maintain that Rose is trying to keep things too basic because of all the new faces. Much like Bronco and Anae with the football team when they have a bunch of new players or a young or new QB.

Rose needs to trust these guys more and get more plays set up for the pressure.

I thought maybe Rose would start the players that he did in the second half of the last game. He needs to bring Fischer off the bench like he did with Carlino.

Kaufusi will have up and down games. He did okay tonight. KC was okay. 4 block shots and 4 steals with 8 boards. He was 5-6 at the FT. So, don’t trash him.

Davis has to get his FTs together because teams will foul him a lot down the stretch. Same with Kaufusi.

Emery didn’t shoot great but he kept us in the lead.

Ugly is a kind word for the game tonight.
The closest I can think of under Rose where the team just flat out stank it up as bad was the game at Iowa State a few years back and that was a big loss.

What do we know about this team so far…
Fischer is cold,. . needs to start earning his minutes. But frankly which of the guards is playing better to replace him?
Collinsworth…MVS coach even said he can’t score…Coach Rose talks about his great effort. Too bad the rest of the team checks out so much of the time…he’s solid.
Emory…earned his starting spot more because of lack of competition than anything else. But at least his inconsistency has long stretches of good minutes and effort.
The paint looks well set. Davis, Kaufusi getting most of the minutes though there may be times like tonight when it is only marginally more than Aytes and Austin…though Austin isn’t likely to see time against better teams if he plays more games like he played tonight.

Toolson and Chatman seem to be next on the list. Toolson is just disappointing. Two straight years with time on the floor and he isn’t doing better?
For a frosh Chatman isn’t doing badly. I expect him to be doing better by conference assuming his time continues more or less consistently. He’s definitely the best combination of help others then help oneself on the team.

Seljas, Hartsock, Calvert, seem like they will be given time to make their mark because so many of the guards are playing so poorly. Shaw is a victim of BYU having so many bigs at this point who have more experience than he does. He looks to me to have a higher upside than Austin or Aytes, so maybe by the end of the season the four bigs will be CK, KD, Aytes and Shaw with Austin getting the garbage time.

Belmont looks like it will be the first home loss for the Cougs this year…definitely a better team than most of the WCC teams this year.

MVS coach didn’t say KC can’t score. He said he doesn’t have an outside shot so keep him away from the basket. KC scored by going inside.
I agree about Shaw. He needs to replace Austin as sub for Kaufusi. Aytes needs time on the floor. He will be good. Davis needs to do one main thing differently, shoot FTs better. Other than that, he does contribute well.
I don’t understand why Rose didn’t start Chatman in place of Fischer like he did in the second half of the last game.
I also would like to see Calvert replace Chatman as the 2nd string point.
Emery is the real deal, he will only get better. He must start from this point on.

The best way I could say is that this team has no “Chemistry” … Out of sync with each and looked a bit dysfunctional…

How many times did you see one BYU player knocking the ball out of the hands of another BYU player on the rebound?

It was so quiet in the center that you could not hear anyone talking with each other like “I have the rebound.”

It’s like they don’t know where to go on the court or a play to run when teams pressure either the guards or the bigs. We now know what teams are going to do against us. We have the talent to beat presses and pressure. What is Rose doing?

One game, they just had a bad game. Two games, they’re in a slump. Three games…
After awhile it gets hard to make excuses for them.

Some of us have seen this coming for a while with the lazy recruiting that’s been going on.

They are 3 and 1. Not 1 and 3. Relax!


We have a good team that needs some time to jell together. I’m putting this on Rose and his poor offense. And, poor FT shooting.

Sometimes you play against a team or a particular player that plays out of their minds. That happened again. See what happens Saturday against a good team.

I should have said, it’s hard to make excuses unless you’re completely in denial.

No one is in denial. You are simply premature with immature panic. It’s very early and this is a team learning to play together. There are just things the coach can do to help them along.

I’m not in denial-it’s evident-they aren’t jelling-Calvert and Hartsock look like possible better options than a few out there as well as Shaw-Utah looks like a definite hurdle and I will feel good if we can beat Belmont at this point. I have always questioned Rose’s substitution patterns so I’m not surprised by anything, but BYU started out great and then lost any flow they had. Not going to critique who is playing, but there are options that didn’t get explored last night. Happy Thanksgiving

I agree that Calvert should get some playing time. Right now, more than Fischer. Hartsock is a year off.
I agree with the substitution schemes. We can’t substitute all 5 players. Take one out at a time. At most, two. And why was Kaufusi out at the end of the game? That made no sense. Happy Thanksgiving too!

Come on folks.
Do you seriously think that in a game with legit opponents that Rose is going to replace all five players the way he did yesterday. As much as I’ve wanted him to on occasion in the last 10 years, albeit not since Jimmer left, I’ve never seen him do it till yesterday…so he’s not likely to do it again unless of course its another team we’ve absolutely blown out that he thinks the game is already over for.

I was flabbergasted he did it yesterday.
Perhaps it shows how much more confidence he has in the players coming off the bench this year than he has had in years past.
I get the impression he is extremely frustrated that they are not playing in front of crowds remotely close to the way they play in practice.
I wondered about CK not being in at the end of the game either. He certainly didn’t play his best yesterday, but he certainly was playing better than Austin was playing.

Has Austin lost a bit from what I remember, or is it that KD and CK are just that much better than the combined Austin Mika that Austin is just suffering in the comparison?

It’s time for people to wake up and accept the reality of what is going on this season. I said several times that we would need to wait until the Belmont game to see what is there but nobody listened. Unfortunately I don’t know if what I said is going to hold up or not. I’m assuming all of you know that MVSU hasn’t won a game this season and 2 nights earlier they lost to Grand Canyon University by 35 points, right? You are all aware of that, right?

If I could go back and copy/paste some of the things I wrote after the LBSU loss, you might understand a little better what is going on out there. I gave reasons for why we saw what we saw and for what happened. One thing that I didn’t mention is how Tyler Haws made it so much easier for the rest of the players a year ago. Without him they just aren’t that good. I think Emery is trying to become that guy but he is a long ways from it. Haws was a robot scorer who did so much to take the pressure of guys like Fischer, KC, Winder, etc.

Honestly, KC and Fischer look worse this year… and that doesn’t bode well. They will be fighting for second, third or worse this season if things don’t get better. I don’t know what the reasons are but the excuses need to stop. Every team out there goes through the same things BYU does and if a team is unselfish, the chemistry reason doesn’t exist. All they have to do is run the offense and work hard to help each other improve. They aren’t doing that and they don’t seem to care. They think they are better than they really are… as evidenced by their early game leads and subsequent letdowns. It’s like they expect to show up and have their opponent roll over and quit.

Get it together Cougars, humble yourselves, get to work and help make each other better. It’s in your hands…