Pacific, what we learned

Nice little tune up before SMC and Gonzaga.

! Lohner better get his silly fouls figured out before Gonzaga. He is too valuable to be sitting when it’s all men on board

2 Knell excells at starting. With his 3s, changes the floor dynamics

3 Foos is a star, his stats are going to get him paid some day. Double doubles are his norn now and the timing on those blocks (3) are a thing of beauty.

4 BYU shoots 48% from 3land. makes us dangerous. need some of that on the road.

5 that 5 point swing at the end of the first half was a ESPN highlight. Barcello 3 was given but Johnson’s pic pocket with 1.5 is a killer.

Not feeling real confident about Saturday’s game. I don’t think SM is as quick as some of the teams we have played, but they are tall and their PG is pretty good. With BYU, it will be about shooting, rebounding and turnovers, and last but not least ball movement

And players staying on their feet (Lucas).

BYU got in a game in this week. SMC last played on Dec 28. Can’t work out when you have covid… Beyond all the rust, SMC does not have the athletes BYU has. period! They do value possessions better than any team in the US. and Bennett is a great coach.
The better reason why BYU will win, we are at home where 3s fall. SMC is notorious at playing good at home but poorly on the road. They played a total of two true road games. No worried.

Like Pacific, turnovers could keep SMC in the game hanging around.

Don’t tell that to Dellavedova… :flushed:

Okay, I won’t. :upside_down_face: