Pass defense is pathetic

This is really getting old. Can’t stop the pass.

Well they made it close before finally loosing.

Defense generally pretty decent but not so good on opponents 3rd downs. Hill underwhelming as a dynamic playmaker. Receivers average at best. O line not that stout. Revising my prediction for the record for the year: 5 wins, perhaps 6. If I was Mangum, I would be PO’d that I did not at least get a chance. What has happened to Kasfusi, don’t remember having his name called.

KSL crew, pre-game, at halftime and post game are much more homers than ever before - they are taking it to a whole new level. I used to listen to KSL radio post game until they went off the are and I stopped listening to post game altogether.

UCLA’s defense is excellent. None of the players are feeling comfortable in this offense. The last drive was so much better because there was rhythm speeding things up. I think even Magnum would struggle with the slowdown. So are the receivers.