Pathetic Effort including coaching

What is this? The offense looks in slow motion. The defense makes all sorts of penalties that are mostly mental. The play calling is terrible on offense as well.

One of the rare times I agree with you.

Yea, but remember “Blood is more important than winning”

Until Kalani has the guts to fire his cousin (and closest friend), the defense will always be the same “Horrible” .

You want to know the real reason the D-line can’t put pressure on the opponents QB? because Tuiaki is the position coach for the D-line…

I generally don’t talk about the officiating that much, but last night’s officials were strange to say the least.

It still confirms my belief the MWC officials are still the worst ones in college football.

They made some strange calls last night, two ejections for targeting? They made those two calls, which makes the players adjust so they go low, only to be called for “low hits” (One on Hall, on on USU Leagas). Which is it Ref’s?

The last TD for USU was made because of a “missed” obvious holding call… Any more apparent, they would have had a sign to show the ref’s that “I held a BYU player” over him.

The out of bounds call by the Ref’s on USU was bogus as well. BYU CB made contact just prior to him going out of bounds.

But the most offensive thing about the game last night was those “Idiots” calling the game, I swear they were USU “homers”, USU could not do anything wrong, BYU could not do anything right.

The Wyoming game was still worse when it comes to the referees. I rarely use refs as the reason for the scores but both games were close because of the referees. Throwing a shoe is a 15 yard penalty. Come on. Tie your shoes properly.

You are correct about the announcers. They talk way too much as well.