Payton leaving NO Saints. Is Hill done?

Is this it for Taysom Hill?

Likey it as far as starting QB with NO. Be interesting to see how much Hill’s agent has screwed him re: his contract.

I saw this article in the Desnews that kind backs your comment up.

Why Taysom Hill’s contract is deemed worst on New Orleans Saints’ roster - Deseret News

Just found this one as well:
What Sean Payton’s departure means for Taysom Hill’s time with Saints (Spoiler: it’s not great) |

Knee jerk reaction is that Hill is in trouble at New O…Peyton created the swiss army knife and Hill is 31 going on 40 with all of his injuries but…

The Saints will probably not go far to find a new head coach, The were on the edge of SB’s for the past 5 years. There are a lot of assets to NO and the new Coach will know just how much Hill means to the organization. I would place Hill 2nd only to Kamara.

And anybody who really knows about Hill would be giving the eye roll now, He’s coming back as strong as ever and most likely be a Saint forever…just not the starting QB. Think of how much salary a 2nd string QB costs and there is your answer right there. Hills salary is a bargain.

Their biggest issue this year is the defense, they seemed to have slid lately.

I posted the articles because of what Arkie posted, not sure where I sit with Hill. Love to see him succeed, but he seems to attract injuries like a bears is attracted to honey. LOL

What Sean Peyton did with him worked for NO, which also is why other teams were looking for their version of the Swiss army knife the last couple of years.,

Taysom has year one guaranteed of his 4 year deal. They could waive him next season to clear cap space but would still be out $10m and he could go sign somewhere else. I can’t imagine they will waive him just to clear the space. But I also think he’s in trouble regarding playing QB with Payton gone.