Pepperdine, a real head scratcher

Pepperdine just finished a 4 game road stretch. They lose to SFU and SCU and beat a good Pacific and SMC. They also came a basket from beating Gonzaga at home so who is the real Pepperdine?

In our game we lost because they shot twice as many free throws as us (20) and S Davis went off for 23 at the Marriot. BYU is easy to defend if we can’t hit our 3s so chalk this game as a low scorer like the last one but I think our big men are making progress so I’ll give the Cougs 50% chance of a win.

The real head scratcher is trying to understand why a ticket to the game is $20 but if you want to buy a ticket to any of Pepperdine’s other games it is only $15.

I mean why don’t they just charge $25 for BYU fans?

It’s ridiculous.

One other thing, it looks as if there is Gonzaga and everybody else in the wcc. Maybe Pepperdine gave them one close game but it is clear nobody is going to beat them in league… or the tournament for that matter. If none of the other teams (SMU, PU or BYU) that are vying for 2nd place make a run, the wcc will be a - one team ncaa tourney - league.

It’s nice that the league scheduled BYU vs. Gonzaga to end the season because they thought it might be a competitive game with meaning, but BYU isn’t up to the task this season and even if they were, the winner of the game is already determined anyway, something that has been going on since BYU came into the wcc.

It has always been Gonzaga and everyone else. Few is a lot like Greg Popovich of the Spurs. He goes out and gets pieces to fit whoever graduates. He has plenty of talent if a starter goes down. Gonzaga has been a top 25 program for close to 20 years now.

Hopefully BYU can play well on the road and get back into the Dance conversation.

I saw this with SF too. I was looking into going to a game last year and noticed that their prices were higher for the BYU games.

so what is the reason behind it?

Is it because they think BYU fans are rich because we all take advantage with hedge funds like Romney does? Are mormons wealthier than the general population as a whole?

Is it because they anticipate more people being there and they are trying to increase revenue? because BYU is a bigger draw?

Are they just trying to rip people off?

Shouldn’t the ticket to a game be the same regardless of who you play?

Apparently the only thing BYU is good for is to increase revenue for the other member schools in a particular conference…

Not sure if all these places sellout normally,but they do when BYU shows up. Hence, they a looking to help their bottom line. No different than what Disneyland is doing now. Too many people, so they raise prices because they can.

I went to the Pepperdine game year before last and there were a LOT of empty seats. I really don’t think these gyms, as small as they are, are selling out. Honestly I would be shocked if they do.

Another thing, the parking for the Pepperdine game didn’t involve an actual parking lot. There might have been one but it was small and full. We parked at the curb.

Like I said though, plenty of open seats.

There are three teams here in the SF Bay Area. I believe Santa Clara has the biggest gym. The ones at SF and SMC are always full.


what is going on with the BYU basketball team?

Chase Fischer takes a blow to the head during shootaround and won’t play tonight? Never heard of something like this before… how on earth does a guy get hit in the head during shootaround enough to not be able to play in the game?

I’m listening to Rose right now and it is really unbelievable some of the stuff that goes on with this team… ksl pregame, these guys are as bad as the football team with all the injuries and problems.

Fischer hurt. Won’t help.

Well… a 7 minute scoring drought by Pepperdine should spell their doom. BYU has not lost a game that they led by at least 10 points. The 13 point halftime lead should be enough to win the game.

I am only listening but I still don’t understand why Kaufusi and Nixon start, they bring nothing in the way of offense… Corbin can’t make a layup, Nixon never shoots but when he does he isn’t very good and neither one of them is a defensive stopper so why do they play so much? I think Andrus could play more and I know Nielsen should play more. Bartley not playing all season long is a mystery to me…

We’ll see how it plays out.

I knew the officials wouldn’t let it happen…

The wcc officials can’t call a game objectively for nothing… 7 fouls to 1 in the second half as Pepperdine is free to make a run now.

Stacy Davis about to attempt free throws again - 13 total to BYU’s 11 as a team. Disgusting…

and Rose just now gets a technical, 9 fouls called on BYU to 1 on Pepperdine in the second half.

This league sucks.

Yep. I had flipped over to the Gonzaga game during breaks and watched one of their players do a double dribble on a fast break. Ref running right with him. No call until he tried to put the ball in the rim. Foul against Santa Clara and goes to the line.

and BYU falling apart after losing any momentum they had in the first half. How could a team that was playing so well defensively completely fall apart in the second half? Can somebody who saw the game please give a summary of what went wrong.

Too bad the game got away from them.

Ultimately it doesn’t matter… Gonzaga will be the only wcc team in the big dance, unless St. Mary’s makes a run to end the season. Pepperdine sweeps BYU but they aren’t going anywhere. They can win a game like this because the wcc/recreation league officials will help/allow them to.

Are there coaching issues again?

Unfortunately the officials did lose this one for BYU. Poor second half defense hurt us. We had a 2 to 1 rebounding lead in the first half and got out hustled in the second half. And, our shooting fell apart. 36% in second half and poor 3 point shooting again. Missed free throws on front ends.

Pepperdine came out hustling and simply playing really good with energy. We simply couldn’t stay with them down the stretch.

Pepperdine scored 55 points in the second half, as many or more than they scored in their last 3 full games. Do you really believe it’s because they are such an offensive powerhouse?

Is it just a little bit possible that the officials helped them along the way, particularly to start that second half when the foul calls sat at 10-1 in favor of Pepperdine 8 minutes into the half?

Can you really say it was all Pepperdine? If so then they are a ncaa tourney team and nothing less…

We both know that is a joke and they will lose a couple of more games before the conference tourney…

Come on grasshopper, jump up and smell the flowers…

That was the worst half of BYU basketball in the Dave Rose era. Worse than the 1st half against Utah last year, which I thought was the absolute low water mark. We just got drilled in every facet of the game. Getting swept by a team like Pepperdine is as low as it can get for a team with BYU’s resources and talent.

Tom - is it just really bad BYU players, team and coaching or are there other factors at work here? I want to find some other reason in the worst way, but I didn’t see the game (stupid ROOT sports) and it is driving me crazy.

The Gonzaga thing is sickening. They are a good team but I just don’t see them being # 2 in the nation and the favoritism they get in the wcc is ridiculous.

I’ll answer that one for you Hawks…The stars on BYU’s team do not get rests, hence BYU is crisp in the first half only to wither in the end of games. The guys are gassed.

When they get tired they make mental mistakes