Pepperdine at a glance

I fear BYU will lose this one. Pepperdine has had our number the last 2 years and they have not lost a home, not once this year.

Pomeroy says that “home field advantage should be close to 8 points” but in the crappy WCC it should be at least a 10 point advantage (with the crappy reffing)

Having said that, Pepperdine is the least likely team in the WCC to beat you with a 3 bomb and that has been BYU’s weakest link so we have a good chance.

The dirt: Stacy Davis is the best forward in the WCC. He averages close to a double double, think our own Davis but will 30 more pounds of muscle. Jett Raines is a 6’7, not athletic but gets his points down low.
Lamont Jr with their shooting guard, he is the son of a NBA father and he has the genes at 6’5. Jones is another sharp shooter at 47%

These guys will not sit outside and shoot 3s like many WCC teams but they will do work down low getting our guys in foul trouble, then they will kill you with a well timed 3 bomb.They have the 3rd best defense behind SMC and GU.

Vegas has them 73-78 BYU. I have PEPP 80-BYU 77, hope I am wrong.

I think they will get Davis/KC in foul trouble and we will struggle from there. There is a reason why everyone points to this game as a defining road game of the year.

I’m thinking about the same as you are. IF BYU hadn’t been so up and down this season and hard to predict I would give them the nod in spite of last years’ results.

I hope whatever the result, BYU fights hard and competes.