Pepperdine back to back games, part duo

Agreed. I know they are trying to play team ball. But too much dribbling and no look passing. We missed a few layups as well.
Barcello plays under control but gives us very little scoring of late. He’s not looking for his shots. And where was George again? He makes one turnover and he’s benched. If I were him, I’d be looking for another transfer.

So George did played and had one turnover and was sent to the bench? How long did he played a few seconds? He needs more time

Barcello had an uncontested 3 earlier in the game that was a total airball. His last shot barely hit the rim. His shooting the last few games has looked just terrible. Those misses are “oh no I’m gonna miss this should I shoot I don’t want to but I will anyway” shots. Not sure how to explain it better than that. But his shooting was cringeworthy.

6TO from your PG. game over.

As an aside, Ross OWNED the officials in this game. He is incredibly annoying to watch, but he is incredibly good at inducing minor contact that doesn’t affect his play then selling it to the officials.

Glad to find out Ross annoys someone besides me!

And it looks like the Pepperdine scorekeeper credited Haarms with ZERO of his 3 or 4 blocks. That’s actually funny.

IMHO BYU’s margin of error for the NCAA tournament is now about zero. Maybe a loss to USF or SMC at home could be forgiven, but just barely. If I’m being impartial, this team just simply doesn’t have enough offense. This year.

My guess is they will take two from the conference and BYU should take 2nd if they win against everyone not named the Zags. But in my not so humble opinion-they are one good player short of exceptional or excellent or great or whatever🥲

Barcello was supposed to be that shooter. He started out that way but has no confidence with his shot. I’m trying to like Averette but he continues to make too many TOs. Bad ones too.
Haarms is going down hill with shooting as well. Have we peaked too soon?

Ugh I don’t know-Haarms goes 9/9 and now he struggles hitting 3 footers. Harward is getting the most out of his efforts and Lee has about hit his ceiling. I want George to get more time, but BYU is playing close games as of late, so Pope doesn’t appear to want to chance that. Who is really the guy you can count on every game to not have a dumpster game? My guess is Lohner, but he’s just a freshman or Harward. My guess is Pope is squeezing water out of rocks, but I still don’t understand the George thing. Up 11 midway through the 2nd half, I thought BYU would win, but Ross took out a cottage on the foul line because people were looking at him cross-eyed. There are a couple of people that post here who have inside info that maybe could explain the George scenario, but I’m not hearing anything. Take your best shot Grasshopper

I would have sent Wade in for shooting. I know AB is good on defense. But so is Johnson and he’s shooting and scoring. Start AB and Johnson at the 2. BA hustles, but his high turnovers is hurting us in close games. I’d keep starting Haarms. But I’d now start Lohner and George. Nothing to lose now.

Interesting article here
Wacky Wednesday: Early afternoon game left BYU out of sync - Deseret News
So BYU was made to work out at noon, That was the 1st time they could take the floor, they run up and down doing their routine and the game tips off at 1, Pepperdine shows up rested…they were so out of their element that Pope plans on filing a complaint.

I hate excuses but it seems Pope was not told about the evening volleyball game and did not think of the consequences of tiring out the starters or this weird start time. I have played monring games in tournaments, It really throws you off your shooting game.

BYU is fine, just no more stumbles from the lower tier, I think Pepperdine will finish in the upper tier just knocks BYU back from a 9 to a 10 seed.

The George thing will keep rearing its ugly thing and I think you guessed right when you said earlier that George looks lost out there at times. My only answer would be that George misses plays and throws the entire team into chaos. In a Pope offense, pretty much everyone touches the ball, George is more of an Iso kind of guy. What Pope is trying to do is get the right mismatch with his high pics. George just kind of goes for it no matter who is on him. BYU is hard wired to attack the opponent’s worse players statistically. With such great role players, George is losing minutes just because he is not patient and wants to do too much to early in a rotation. (Just my opinion) If I had a Pepperdine coming up, I would do the opposite…I would attack Ross late in the 1st half when he is tired, wear him out and maybe get a couple of cheap calls, that would make him play honest the rest of the game and kill Pepperdine’s chances of late game runs.

I think that pretty much sums up the George debate. Obviously the athleticism is there but working within the ball movement structure isn’t there yet. Hopefully it gets better as time goes on, because we could really use another defensive stopper. Still should have won. Edward’s played well, but Ross was 4/17, yet the officials let him live at the line on very questionable contact much of the time.

Everyone knows the Ross game, he looks to undercut you coming up the floor for heavens sake. they make that call every time in the NBA. Flops and cheap stuff only work in the Rec League.

The fish are raising, nice little Blue Wing Olive coming off the Provo, I’m out

Good luck! You’ll have to try the browns out of Owyhee someday

You taking me? Owyhee has been on the bucket list for many years.

I had a wonderful cancer survivor about this time of year, last year. The BWDs were coming off early afternoon. I had to hold onto her or she would fall, like just crumple. We covered maybe 40 yards and landed 40 fish in 3 hours. Every once in awhile God does grant you the wish of your heart.

When are some of you going to take the Weber State fly fishing class? I teach it every year

Lol I need to take your class! My dad taught me to fly fish as a young boy, but supporting a large family I never had an opportunity raising my family as it centered mostly around boat fishing for crappie and bass and water skiing, plus football and wrestling as there were 5 boys to trail after. The Owyhee’s are beautiful but more like Southern Utah. Lots of rocks but few trees

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