Pepperdine game

8 minutes left in the first.

I love watching this team, even when they drive me crazy.

Couple things I want to see improved:

More off ball movement and especially picks for shooting on the perimeter and big on big picks running diagonally.

Better help rotations

Calm down and run the offense.

I love Luke’s hustle. That dude runs the floor and he is where he is supposed to be most of the time.

Well it was nice to see Dastrup get his 2 or 3 minutes and then have to sit down with 2 fouls. At least Rose has a good reason to keep him on the bench this time.

If they weren’t playing the worst team in the league I might care but honestly, I don’t care what Rose does or what his plan is because I already know the season is going to end the same as it has every year since joining the wcc.

Average first half for BYU… not bad but not impressive. They will probably pull away and win by 20+ and Dastrup will get his 6 minutes. No worry, I’ve given up on that situation ever working itself through.

Go Cougars. :unamused:

announcer just called the coach for Pepperdine “Marty Haws”… umm, last time I checked his name was Marty Wilson.

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I didn’t like the calls either way in the first half and the fouls on dastrup were weak. I agree, play the guy more minutes period. Let’s develop.

I’m not sure what your expectations were… We lost arguably our 2 best players from last year early. Beyond that, the team is clearly adopting a different philosophy even if it’s developing slowly. I enjoy watching that development because I think there is a higher ceiling with it. Also there’s good team work and excellent hustle. Sure some coaching decisions drive me crazy, but I can still enjoy the game for the sake of the game.

I get the frustration. I’m an NBA purist who roots for the Spurs and any other team who plays with a similar philosophy. I hate certain aspects of the college game. Poor shooting, execution, sloppy passes and so on. It sets me off. The refs are nowhere near NBA quality. I want to see a better level of play and I don’t understand it.

Thank you, hopefully I can adopt the same philosophy and enjoy the 3rd place finishes and NIT invites. Ugghhh, there I go again.

It just seems like the team, though claiming “unselfish basketball” ends up being about 1 or 2 star players and nobody else contributing much. We are watching Bryant and Childs score all the points every game. In fact I can’t remember the last time a different player had double digit points.

So whatever they are doing different, it ends up looking the same to me. In fact the announcer just said they have 1 point from the bench so far. BYU up 18 and the starters still in…

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This is bugging me too. I think guys need to have it pounded into them that it’s ok to take the open shot. Cannon and seljias for instance. All 5 players must be a legitimate threat at all times. Not to say that I want bad shots.

I saw Haws drive for an open layup and he kicked it out to Bryant who hit a 3…

Childs and Bryant take all the shots and now Bergerson is getting more PT than Dastrup…

Pepperdine sucks…

I said they would pull away and win by 20 but I just don’t understand why more guys aren’t playing more minutes. This is a gimme game. Notice how I didn’t mention Dastrup… like I said, I have given up on that one. 5 minutes left and a 25 pt. lead and Rose finally puts him in. Is it any more clear than the message that Dastrup is a garbage time player now? oops, couldn’t help it.

That was absurd. Take the layup. Sometimes Haws gives up the easy play for the flashy one.

And Payton needs to be given a green light to miss. Shoot through slumps.

When you only take a couple shots a game it is hard to define the term “slump”.

Dastrup is a cheerleader/garbage player and nothing more. It’s too bad, I really think he could have helped this team but Rose is the coach and if the coach doesn’t like you there isn’t much you can do to change it.

What can you expect from this particular announcer. He just slipped up. But he generally misses game action calls while he gives sidelights which make him miss identifying players who make important plays. He is a TV announcer, not a basketball or football expert.

I was at the game; was it noticable? What channel?

That’s how they use him yes, but wouldn’t say that’s what he ‘is’

I loved the play where he dragged the big to the perimeter (where they are now guarding him) pumped and dunked! Favorite of the game.

You are what others think you are and how they treat you. He has shown what he is capable of and he has made significant contributions when given a legitimate opportunity. Rose treats him like a garbage player, that is what he will end up being… a cheerleader and garbage time player that everyone goes crazy for when he makes a monster dunk or 3 pointer late in an easy win game.

This isn’t a new thing, I’ve seen it many times.

Maybe you don’t know as much as you think Jim…

A direct quote from Rose: “There’s a lot going (on) with Payton trying to learn everything,” Rose said. “Hopefully we can get some more minutes out of him because we’re already pretty thin and it will be good to get a good rotation with those post guys.”

Maybe there is more to playing basketball than just shooting the ball, maybe Dastrup is not doing those “Other” things, so his time is limited because he is not doing what he needs.

and maybe I do. That quote from Rose is just one of many in which he tries to make excuses about Dastrup not getting more playing time.

Anyone who has been watching knows what he can do and what he HAS done. A lot of people are asking the question… why doesn’t he play more?

I don’t buy it… it’s coach speak and it’s nonsense.

If there are attitude/effort problems out of view of fans, do you still think he should play more, no matter what?

No, he should be relegated to a cheerleading bench player who gets garbage time minutes. I don’t know, what do you think is going on? Do you think he has attitude and effort problems? He seems like a team guy to me. He is always encouraging the other guys, etc. I realize he doesn’t fit the provo/byu mold and that is probably the biggest problem. All I see is a team that continually underperforms, year after year. That is what I see and that is a culture I would like to see changed.

Just a couple days ago they had Elijah Bryant on the coaches show. Rose was saying how he remembered Elijah being at one of the BYU basketball camps but they didn’t have a scholarship available because he didn’t fit what they were trying to do at the time… Those comments blew me away! It was enlightening and shocking all at the same time. It’s a surprise that Bryant is even here. They had to pull him away from Elon, where he was the rookie player of the year in his conference. I call that really poor evaluation of talent and BYU is lucky to have him right now. They chased Jordan Chatman away with the stupid LP3 debacle and now he is a starter and playing very well in the ACC… BYU is small time but it’s their own fault.

It’s just a culture issue and a narrow way of thinking in my opinion. I have little hope that it will ever change. So Rose can do whatever he wants for whatever reason he wants to do it. What he is doing is maintaining the status quo…

I don’t know, but I don’t see any practices and actually haven’t seen a game this year (I don’t have cable or satellite). From a coaching perspective, I think it’s a likely explanation.

Where are you getting this from? What makes you say he doesn’t “fit the provo/byu mold?” Nothing I have seen or heard suggests that.

Can we all agree that Refs should NOT call the flops anymore…

Seljaas just had him best game of the season, hope it gives him some confidence.

Eli just abused the smaller players. He is going to get paid after college

And now we know why Hardnett is a starter, he defends their toughest guy, body like a brick, he does not get moved like Haws does. Would like to see him go to the hoop more

Bergersen is starting to figure some things out.

Church Money had a solid game

We still need some inside help…Lets all start a “play Dastrup more” go fund me account

It was a good 2nd half and a win. Im enjoying it while it lasts cause i have no idea what’s going to happen in Santa Clara. One observation about Dastrup-he seemed hesitant to take the wide open three even though he is close to being at the top per cent wise. Is it the fear of getting benched or what? That’s a good way to ruin a shooter. I saw it happen with FB4 and Chatman. What do yo think? Childs and Bryant played well-what happens when Bryant is off-that’s a big problem-I believe a 3rd needs to step up and the only one i see is Haws.

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