Pepperdine loss

We Well, two glaring statistics that stick out. Turnovers and allowing Pepperdine to get offensive rebounds down the stretch. Averette’s 6 turnovers shows he dribbled too much and bad passes. AB doesn’t look for his shots so when he shoots he isn’t confident and loses focus.

This was the first time I saw coach outcoached. We didn’t make any changes and Pepperdine did. And, where was George again? He makes a turnover and he doesn’t play again. Averette makes 6 and he’s still out there.

Haarms played poorly and the turnover inside a minute hurt, but another double digit lead in the 2nd half squandered. Just got outplayed down the stretch, but most of us knew it would be a tough game. Lohner came back and played well, but BYU needs someone that can consistently hit the uncontested 3 so who is going to step up. Barcello played well for the most part and so did Johnson. This was a 50/50 game and BYU didn’t get it done while PU paraded to the foul line

Barcello has another horrible game. He’s so far off in his 3’s embarrassing. Johnson is becoming more consistent with his shots.

I’m just wanting to know why so many of our players have no sense of balance and center of gravity? We fall down so much.

Turnovers and poor rebounding beat us.

Barcello didn’t have a horrible game. Two of his shots were hopeless prayers. Led the team in assists and 2nd in rebounding, but his shooting is not up to standard. BA had an off game with 6 To, as did Knell, but Johnson made up for Knell. BYU, once again outshot Pepperdine, but didn’t out rebound them and had more turn overs. Haarms had great looks at point blank range but was off. You have to understand that Barecello is the leader of this team and gets a lot of defensive pressure, others have to step up and at least hit the easy shots

The games are played for a reason, and it’s tough to beat teams twice (or three times) in a row. Coaches and players adjust, and sometimes they do it better than we do.

Credit to Pepperdine.

Yeh credit Pepperdine for their intensity-no argument from me

Yep! We looked the same. We could not hang on to a lead. TOs and shooting bricks hold us back. We don’t have those two or three players who can take over a game. No excuse for letting them get offensive rebounds. Nice free throw shooting.

With as deep of a bench that BYU has, Pope has already admitted that he was out couched. The Pepperdine coach has had stints as Wash. HC and NBA coaching. This is his second stint at Pepperdine. He ain’t no slouch and just out coached a young gun Wednesday. Knowing Pope, he will learn from this one cause it really stings.

Would love to see these guys again in the WCC tourny. BYU by 10 or more.

Which happens (being out-coached). That’s also why we play the games, and don’t settle things with a Madden simulation :slight_smile: (although the Pro Bowl . . .)

I also think Pope and the team will learn from this. No one seeks for moral victories or character-building losses, but both actually exist and can be good things that you grow from.

I’ve heard that Lorenzo Romar is a really good dude. I like him and Terry Porter and root for both to do well. I could actually be a Pepperdine fan if it weren’t for their PG, who just seems to always come off looking like a jerk, win or lose. I’m a big fan of Edwards but not sure about the NBA talk, but we’ll see.

Couple final thoughts on the game:

  1. A key non call really hurt BYU: at 1:45 Altman missed a 3 and Edwards came over the back with enough contact to legitimately knock Johnson hard to the floor, tapped the ball off the backboard, PU retained possession–there were TWO more offensive boards before Zidec scored a layin, but that should have been over with Johnson shooting 2 FTs in a tie game.
  2. In the last 4 games AB is shooting 27% overall and 21% from deep. Tough to win when your best player and best shooter can’t hit the broad side of a barn (love that analogy–I bet kids today don’t even know what it’s like to throw a ball at a target on a barn or a warehouse because they are too busy playing video games or being in fancy travel leagues).
  3. I was certain the Pepperdine home scorer would adjust the box to give Haarms his blocks, but he was credited with ZERO. I can remember three clear ones–one that Haarms sent into the 3d row. I’m not sure what the motivation would be to not credit those, so I think it has to just be that the guy is inept.
  4. Reason #1001 why kids will line up to play for Pope: he always takes the blame, but never takes the credit, and does it with gusto. What a great leader. My goal to win the trust of my players when I was coaching was to “cheer loudly and criticize quietly,” and Pope is a great example of that.
  5. I don’t think this BYU team can go very far, because it lacks “that guy” who will show up consistently and score in the clutch, against good D, when the going gets tough, but it’s fun watching Pope the Mad Scientist working to get the most possible out of each kid.
  6. Lohner and “The Strong Guy” (named by my grandson): watching those two improve is quite a thing. Both future STARS for BYU.
  7. I have close ties with the BYU ath dept and can tell you they are working overtime on testing, discipline, etc to keep this season going. MAD PROPS TO THE AD, THE HC, AND THE ENTIRE ATH DEPT STAFF AND THE PLAYERS for keeping this ball rolling so we have ball to watch!!

Pass negatives up and positives down. That’s an old saying too. Pope does this. In the forum, we pass negatives sideways to blow off steam and to throw out our thoughts and opinions.

Pro, not NBA pro. We will see but he is playing for $$ somewhere.