Pepperdine, Scouting the waves

Wish I could go back in time and hang out in Cally in the 60s, when it was the best place in the world to live.

Anyhow, I kinda feel bad for Pepperdine, having to play BYU after the SF loss. Look what SF dropped on BYU after only mustering 48 points the game before with SMC.

Jr 6’1 guard Ross leads a pretty good Waves team that should give BYU a game except that the Waves are poor at defending the 3, something BYU just about leads the nation at. Fir their part, the Waves are respectable from 3 with Chavez leading the team at 43%.

Outside of defending the 3, BYU needs to keep from fouling the Waves, they lead the nation at 82% from the charity stripe.

Barcello on Ross, BYU with a nice rebound win, then we get SMC.

I didn’t see the game but it looks like a real good win. BYU won by 27 over a team that only lost by 5 at Gonzaga. I’ll take it!! A guy on another thread was complaining that BYU played poorly and will probably lose to St. Marys. What is your take?

It looks like BYU shot lights out and Pepperdine shot well enough to win most games so maybe the defense wasn’t that great but every game is different and the object is winning. Sometimes you just out race the other team in a high tempo shootout game and other times you grind it out half court. BYU has won and lost both types of games this year.

You are right, BYU was near 47 something at the haft but lead by only 6 points after being ahead by as much as 22 points. Very concerning. Pepperdine starting hitting shots after getting behind by 22 and BYU went stone cold from about the 10-16 minute mark. Another concern…TJ missing 2 consecutive FTs in the 2nd game in a row (He used to be a 90% guy)

Keys to this win
1 Refs called some ticky tac fouls on Ross early and he had to sit while BYU got the big lead, he comes back and they make a big run.
2 Toolson may have hit a record 7 threes but Barcellos was the MVP, he kept Ross well under his average and had a big scoring night.
3 BYU ran away with it in the 2nd. Sizzling hit from 3 while tying a Marriot record of 17. BYU also played nearly flawless in the 2nd with maybe 1 turnover.
4 Pepperdine scored 80 points, all while Ross had to play conservative with 4 fouls. The Edwards bothers, also in foul trouble, also made a lot of shots. BYU is not D-ing up for a second game. Ross could of made this a tough game had he not been in foul trouble all night, concerning.

As for SMC. Pleassssse, We should of beat them at their place without Childs. Bennett will try to stop BYU with careful possessions but BYU will be too much Childs and 3s. Game will end in the high 70s with BYU on top.