Pepperdine. Win. What?

Man this game shouldn’t even be remotely close. Pepperdine is ranked number 288 and yet they’re in it till the end of the game. Without Foose in the middle they should’ve killed us but Pepperdine is the worst in the middle than we are. They got a total of 15 rebounds for the entire game that is unheard of. 15 rebounds and these guys for over 80 points . That is a stat I’ve never seen before

The big news here is that lohner just went off. Had his best game possibly as a cougar and hopefully gets him over the hump. I know that Barcello had a career high shooting nine of 10 from beyond the arc but this game MVP belongs to Lohner
No Foos tonight because of the groin.
Lucas was an absolute beast and Johnson completely locked down there shooter in the second half to slowing down enough for the win

Any conference road win is a good win, but Fous better be back for St. Marys.

Both teams shot so well there was less rebounds to go around. We only had 30 and that’s low too.
Where we made the game close was again in turnovers 18 to 9 for them. Passing and dribbling fundamentals simply aren’t good.
Why do bad teams shoot so well against us? Pepperdine had 21 assists.

With the last 6 games in mind; the last 2 against the bottom league dwellers, I predict that IF BYU gets into the big dance they are one and done.

Okay :disappointed: I’ll just start watching baseball…

:cricket_bat_and_ball: :baseball: Can’t wait

Good thing we are not playing Portland for make up game this week. Any idea how severe Foouse injury?

Fish says groin but the announcers said ankle. Watch SN tomorrow morning. Maybe they will know…

Interesting article about Barcello:
BYU basketball: How Alex Barcello became BYU’s version of John Stockton - Deseret News

Alex is John Stockton?

i would not disagree. We are too small to protect the middle, but if Lohner gets his game going, BYU could win a game or two.

BYU would have to beat Saint Marys on the road to even have a chance to dance. LMU and Pacific pretty much broke our backs.

Aaaaaa, no. Stockton was a terrible shooter coming out of college.
the 1sst 2 years in the NBA, they would leave him wide open, dare him to take a shot

Disagree whole heartily fish…

Stockton Shooting Percentage at Gonzaga was around 57% all four years. You don’t get that percentage by being a poor shooter.

In the NBA his first two seasons, his shooting percentage was around 48%, again that is considered to being a good shooter in the NBA.

Add to that, in Stockton first two seasons he played behind Ricky Green as per Sloan’s direction.
He only averaged about 15-20 minutes a game.

With Sloan, his mindset was that players did better coming off the bench in the first seasons. That way they could learn “watching” the game and then understanding what the coaches were trying to tell them. The fact that John started in the third season tells you a lot about what Sloan saw in him.

The thing about Stockton that made him unique, was that he was an excellent shooter who “Chose” not to shoot. His focus was getting the other players in position to score and succeed. I remember both Sloan and his team mates say publicly that John should shoot more because he was a dead eye shooter.

As for Alex being a Stockton, I think they are talking about him wanting to get his team mates in position to score by feeding them the ball at the right time, just like Stockton.

Stockton didn’t fall down when pressured either. AB can be great but needs some NBA coaching for better balance. Lots of our players have that problem.

You can but facts don’t lie
John Stockton Vs. Average All NBAer [Chart] : nba (

John Stockton vs. the AVERAGE NBAer
They used to stand back 10 feet off from him and dare him to shoot it. I watched him from day 1.
Sorry Floyd.

Next item:
Foos has a groin injury. We all saw him grabbing at it at the end of the LMU game, here is the write up per Vanquish the Foe:
BYU Hoops Mailbag: Tournament Hopes, Fouss injury, Recruiting, and More - Vanquish The Foe

"Fouss tweaked his groin at the end of the LMU win and didn’t play versus Pepperdine. Fortunately, he has a full week to get ready for Saint Mary’s. Here’s the latest of what I know.

If it was up to Fouss, he would play Saturday. One source close to Fouss and the program told me Fouss is feeling better and expects to practice later in the week before playing at Saint Mary’s. His groin isn’t particularly painful, more just nagging.

Groins are tricky, though. I believe Fouss thinks he can play, but coaches will be more cautious. The last thing they want to do is aggravate it and cause something that could cause Fouss to miss the rest of the season or even bother him the rest of his career.

I could see a situation where Fouss is feeling pretty good and they give him limited minutes. Even 10-12 minutes of Fouss would help drastically. If he can’t go, all it would take is foul trouble from Atiki or Lohner and Gideon George would be forced into minutes at the 5 — not ideal!

BYU coaches will be coy all week and I don’t think we’ll know for certain if Fouss will play until an hour before tipoff"

Me…Groiners suck because they can take months to heal, just depends on how big of a tear you have. And to have George have to play the 5??? Disaster!!! We all saw him in the Pepperdine game, They just backed him in and layup city.

Go Cougs.

the thing you forget is Stockton was not atypical point guard. most point guards think to shoot first, not pass. John was a pass first guard.

because of that reason it skews your stats. As you i watched him from the beginning, as well as listened to what is team mates said about shooting.

More on Stockton.
We are talking about semantics here, Floyd. One of the top 3 point guards to EVER play the game. All I said was the 1st few years, he sucked., as you point out. Behind Ricky Green, fans could not see what John would become. Then he blew up and the rest is history. Facts don’t lie. Year two, he shot 13% from 3. Yikes
John Stockton - Wikipedia