Please read the ESPN article on Ty Detmer

How can an athlete be sooooo great AND sooooo humble? How can we not be rooting for this guy. Mark my words: when it comes to designing and calling plays, he is just smarter than everyone around him. He will be awesome. Enjoy:

read it and loved every word of it. I believe what they are saying about Detmer, that he will take BYU to a higher level.

Very good article.

I love Ty Detmer. Yes indeed he is a humble man. I know of no other coach that is more humble and good than Ty Detmer, and he never puts it in your face. He teaches methods and fundamentals. He does not waste his time on silly slogans, He can take us to the next level. I love the University of Virginia for giving us the opportunity to have the great coaching staff that we now have including but not limited to HC Sataki, Detmer, Cacoon, Lamb and all the others. I love our Cougars and all of their coaches. They have all given me a new audacity for hope.