Plunder of the year at the supper bowl

Let’s face it, every single one of us thought we were looking the champs with Seattle on the one yard line and Marshawn Lynch about to take it to the house. Now Pete Caroll has to live with that call for the rest of his life, talk about outsmarting yourself…

Before the game, I did not give enough credit to Seattle as I thought that the Pats would roll all over the not so great passing Seahawks. The Seahawks defense made New England one dimensional as they could not run on Seattle so that made for a very evenly matched contest. PS, I would have made Butler, the guy that intercepted Warner’s pass, the MVP.

I did not mind Sherman having to swallow a little pride or Blount not having a big impact on the game or Lynch being good but not great. It was nice to see some undrafted hard workers make a difference though. Fun game but I’ll probably forget who won or lost in a few months. Don’t have strong feelings for anyone but my Cougars.