Pope, how do you liike me now?

1 a week ago, BYU was #1 in the NET. We might be back at #2 as I write this.

2 ESPN’s Lunardi has BYU as a #4 seed in the big dance. others have us as a #2.

3 Last year, we finished # 6 in the lowly WCC. Today with the same players, BYU would be #1 in the WCC. We are picked 4th or 5th seed in the Big 12. That feels right to me for now.
Top to bottom, the Big 12 is the best conference in men’s college basketball - ESPN

4 Ken Pom is the best predicter out there based on Stats., has BYU at #5 today. by the time we get to March, Ken Pom, the Net, ESPN’s BPI will a be very close in the rankings. BYU will no where near the #5 ranking but if we were, BYU would be a #2 or long shot #1 seed going into the big dance.

5 And now for the nitty gritty. Weeks ago, we were arguing about if Pope would make it as a Big 12 coach and if he could recruit. We had lost the point guard to KSU, boy that seems years ago now…

6 The point is ruled by committee, Hall is maturing, Johnson does just fine running the point but he has not had to much as Stewart has really grown in his game. Even Baker and Adams would be fine bringing the ball up court.

7 From a recruiting standpoint, Pope has excelled this year. Khalifa is the best passing center in the game. Baker showed us glimpses, he well become very valuable once we are in Big 12 play and need a driver to initiate the offense. Adams can do it all, imagine him in a pick and roll? with his court vision, he will either drive to the hoop, DUNK- kick out to a wide open player because teams will have to double team him- or step back in hit a 3, doesn’t matter who guards him, he just shoot over them…he made 12 threes in his 51 point game last year…the dude can shoot

8 Pope is running an offense that encourages the 3ball. For you stats guys, is it better to hit a 50% two or take the 40% three ball??? run the numbers.
50% of 2, taking 10 shots= 10 points
40% of 3 taking 10 shots= 12 points
35% of 3 taking 10 shots= 10.5 points
BYU shoots 49% of its shots from 3land. We hit 37.2% as a team. Even if we went on the road and dropped to 32% from 3land, BYU is better to shoot the long ball. BYU leads the entire nation on 3 ptg and 3 pmg. (3 point shots made per game)

There is only one scenario I can think of as a downside to taking 3s, our ability to draw fouls and get opponents into foul trouble.

8 BYU ranks #20 nationally at 115.3 on Offense (115 points per 50 possessions) that is elite

9 BYU ranks #11 nationally at 93.5 on Defense (93.5 points scored on us per 50 pos.) unheard of since I have followed BYU basketball.

10 BYU does not have an elite point, almost a necessity for deep dance runs, nor do we have a true center but our team ball is the best in the nation and our bench is as good as the starters.

Buckle up Cougs!

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Question? Could Adams run the point? If he’s elite. Actually, we know there are several now who can run the point. The offense puts almost everyone at the point during a possession.

5 We lost Ques Glover, who is hurt and yet to play a single minute for KSU. PS KSU just lost to Nebraska and scored TWELVE points in the 2nd half. Nebraska shot 34%, made ONE FT, and won by 16 (62-46). That had to be the worst game ever to watch.

6 PG: Hall is good, but will lose late minutes if he can’t be at least average from the FT line; Stewart has made giant improvement. Marcus has a great handle as well. Will be interesting late in close games how Pope handles the point.

7 Recruiting: Khalifa-looks like a W. Baker: definitely W. Marcus: WOW. Chandler and Isaac Davis? Wow. Brooks Bahr heading on a mission but he’s another huge recruiting win. And if this team keeps it up and has a solid showing in conference and at the Dance, Pope’s recruiting stature will only increase.

8 Launch those 3s. All in. It will cost us a few games (like the Utah game), but will also help us beat some teams we otherwise couldn’t beat.

9 I agree with your point about D. I have never seen a BYU team with this athleticism on the wings and that allows us to play up on all shooters without constantly getting burned on the dribble, and also allows us to switch a lot without creating mismatches.

ouch, OUCH!

Glad you brought that up. Who wants to play for POPE? me, Me, ME!!!
Place Robinson in the NBA, Adams in the NBA. now who wants to play for POPE?

Got my calendar circled for Houston and Texas at Home. Giddyup.

Tom, you remember in past years when we had a small point? The teams would pic us to death, get that mismatch on the smallish point and just kill us. Hall is 6’4 and built like a linebacker. Glover would have killed our team chemistry. blessing in disguise.

Before the season, I looked at a Kansas game away and thought we would be beat by 20+. Today, the widest spread on any road game…Kansas -3.5
T-Page for BYU - Customizable College Basketball Tempo Free Stats - T-Rank (barttorvik.com)

my only regret, that BYU couldn’t play in the WCC and finally win it, drubbing Gonzaga and SMC.