Pope’s new recruit

Pope’s new recruit BYU basketball: 6-foot-11 Tanzanian forward Atiki Ally Atiki reportedly commits to the Cougars - Deseret News

If he keeps this up he’s going to dominate the world

Now that is what I am talking about.

Good for Pope looking somewhere outside of Utah and Southern Idaho…

Good decision for this young man if he wants to play professionally.

We will continue to see Pope get kids who turn down multiple D1 offers…SDSU, WV, Oklahoma, etc. this kid had a lot of options and chose BYU because kids simply want to play for Pope and Burgess.

Read the quote from the recruiting guy about how Coach Pope will go anywhere to get the guy he needs, and is comfortable working outside the box.

Also the quote from Atiki’s HS coach about how he can’t imagine anyone saying no to Coach Pope :joy:.

Coach Pope and Coach Burgess are just awesome recruiters.

That $20 million the athletic department just raised could help keep Pope their longer.

you must have heard a different announcement than I did.
Tom Holmoe in his video thank you specifically said 3/4s of the money asked for had been promised.
15 of 20 million while important and definitely worthy of a thank you is not meeting the goal of $20 million.

Praying for a top point guard in our future. We are locked down in the big men, power forward and shooting positions. Here we go. cougars, here we go.