Portlandia, things are always weird up here

Game winners.

Childs was a wreaking ball out there. 15 and 13 in 26 minutes. I am hoping Rose is resting him and not some reoccuring issues from the hyperextention.

Nixon, best game as a coug. This is the guy that I hoped we would be seeing when we recruited him. Tough, willing to go to the floor for loose balls. When he hit those 1st two 3s Potlandia had to go way out leaving Childs to do work.

Game losers.

Worthington, if you are 6’10 and you are all alone under the basket, dunk the eFFen ball (had to throw a shoutout to my bro. Haws). Misses the first 4 shots. 9 shots in a game is waaaaay to many for a guy with your skill set, Enter Nixon.

Haws, get it together buddy. You and Emery act like spoiled little brats. Yeah, I get that you were fouled and someone in the crowd was gloating you. But you represent the Y and you are a returned missionary. Man the F up, bro. and one more thing…when you walk away from Refs, and throw your little tantrums, which I’m sure you have been doing all your life, they remember. Refs do not like to be ‘shown up’. They will get even. So do us all a favor and grow the F up.

Game loser as a team…when a team, like Portlandia, can’t beat you inside and you are lackadasical about closing out a 3 point shot and that is all you have to focus on and you still allow open looks. shame on you. McSwiggin- the slowest man in Merica got how many free looks? If you scout the guy, which I think they do in D1 programs, McSwiggin shoots a 44% 3ball. He burned us for 9 points in the first game we played this year and we let him have 9 open looks (when he was shooting at about a 50% 3ball rate)

I guess the difference between an NBA coach and a college coach is that a college coach will tell you to defend your guy and a NBA coach will say, “we’ve scouted this guy…don’t let him do what he wants to do. Make him either pass the ball or do something he doesn’t want to do”.

This late in the year when everyone has been thoroghly scouted, you just try to get through to the games that count. its called the grind, it shows all over Roses face so I’ll take it.

Gonzaga next

I agree Childs was great through the better part of that game, then as typical BYU, TOWARDS the last half of the 2nd half they started the hero ball. Worthington, who was atrocious at the start of the game came in and hit three out of 4 down low and helped stop the bleeding. I like Bryant because even when his shot is off he tries to make a play going to the hoop, rather that keep launching hope shots

Loved it. He got lost a few times but I’ll live with that. From what I can tell, he’s a quick learner.

Your point about spacing elsewhere was excellent. Hard to double the man-child if he’s surrounded by bombers.

I about lost my mind over that. He’s had a shooting slump lately.

Exactly. And a few different guys screwed it up throughout the game. Know your scouting report. Surely they scout.

I’m of two minds on this. Don’t embarrass the school or yourself and stay mentally centered. That said. YES!!! There’s something deep inside of me that loves it when I see something like this. It’s probably like a parent who sees their kid do something wrong but at the same time sees the raw flash of what just needs to be formed and molded into something greater. So yes, fix the outside demeanor and learn to manipulate the refs and the crowd. But never ever ever give up that deep, abiding rage, but instead direct it into basketball.

Through all my threads, I have never demeaned Haws drive or intensity. It is a fact that Haws and Emery have always been intense, cocky, a big reason why they beat the best in the nation in HS ball.

Just hit the weights hard for the next two years.

Light bulb moment here…

Haws is a returned missionary. How old is he now? Is he 22 or 23? I know he looks like he is 43 but that is beside the point. While I appreciate his intensity and drive, he is an adult now, not a high school kid. If someone would like to mention that or remind him of that fact, maybe it would help him improve his game and become a little more consistent. In addition to “hitting the weights”, it might be good advice to let him know it is time to grow up.

I apologize if I made it sound like you were coming down on his intensity. That wasn’t my intent. I love that about him.

And you’re right. Haws has improved on defense significantly (he was really bad, let’s be honest), but until he can take a better first lateral step and burst while having the mass and strength to hold ground he’ll be pounded and give up too many points.

“Better” is a relative term. An archer that only hits the target one time out of ten and then improves to 3 out of ten is definitely “better”. But in the big picture, how much better is he and is it significant enough to make a difference?

Haws, overall, is a liability on defense and considering that he was Mr. Basketball 2 years in a row in the state of Utah, it seems like he should be having more of an impact at this point in his college career. After all, he made the all conference team last year, right?

I honestly wondered how that happened, because he hasn’t performed like an all-conference player this season. He is very hit and miss, more miss than hit.

Considering how bad he was, the magnitude was large. If you mean does he play well enough to start? Yeah probably depending on match ups. His defense is a liability but the question goes back to who do you replace him with in the lineup? I’m comfortable with cannon backing up Hardnet, I don’t trust Zach to start at 2, Eli is needed at the three most of the time, Bergerson has potential and I wouldn’t mind giving him minutes at the 2 to see how he does. That doesn’t leave us with much else. Unless I can interest you in my crackpot idea of moving Yo to the 3 for 10 minutes a game? Push Eli to the 2.

Now in the long term, that boy better beef up. And in the future, let’s do a better job of recruiting athletic potential. TJ might just be something special in his junior/senior season given his ability to pass the ball and score as long as he can figure out defense but it would be a lot easier with lanky 3 and d players and a lot of them. Maybe not stars, but if they had potential I could take that.