Post Game Reaction

I am very happy to have been dead wrong about this game. Empey and Hoge are really, really, really good. Not to beat a dead horse, but BYU HAS to and CAN do better than a QB who throws for under 100 yards and present zero threat to a defense. Our soft prevent D on the last drive made me very nervous. Kudos to #93 who absolutely THREW their all american RT into the backfield on the final third down, which I thought made the QB flinch just a little on his throw.

It’s rare to see anyone beat Wisconsin at their own game at home–congrats to Grimes and the OL, and to Hifo, who was great on the jet sweep.

Did I mention how good Hoge and Empey are? On Squally’s long runs, you could have pushed a wheelchair through that hole on the right side it was so big.

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Yes, that was a great win. I am not going to beat up on Mangum over this game. I thought he did a fine job of managing the game and not making any mistakes. I don’t care how many yards a BYU QB throws for if they win the game, especially against a team like Wisconsin who was ranked 6th and deservedly so.

I thought it was a great effort on the part of the entire team. They stayed strong and consistent, they played with heart and desire and they beat a very good team.

My brother was at the game and said it was a great environment for football.

Go Cougars!

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Nice win today!

Amen, I was completely surprised. Hard work in practice and the “power of positive thinking” helped us win the game. Team work and playing lose contributed as well. If we had played like today against Cal we would have won against the Bears. BYU had to be at a lowest of low point after the Cal game.Being humble and practicing and following an offensive scheme like BYU played today was the difference vs. Wisconsin. Trickeration also contributed.
In 1980 our family was living in Madison, Wisconsin and I went to the BYU victory 21-3. It was a different game and situation. We had Jim McMahon was our QB then. In the third quarter McMahon threw a TD pass which was called back on a penalty. BYU ran exactly the same pass play from McMahon to the exact same receiver
on the next play and we scored the touchdown again. “The power of positive thinking.”

JH: Right on. I think that our offensive scheme had Tanner and the team playing within their selves. We won through hard work, a great week of practice and the “power of positive thinking.”

We have to get more out of a QB that throws the ball 22 times. Washington, Utah and Boise will beat our brains in because they will be ready for the sweeps and the trick plays. We will have to be able to throw with more consistency and yardage for the run game to work going forward.

Mangum played within the game plan and that resulted in 24 points. I have been one of his biggest critics, but I can live with under a hundred yards and out rushing Wisconsin or close to it. Unfortunately you are right-it won’t work against Washington, but could work against Utah and Boise Stare who were run over by Oklahoma State

This 18-24 points being the norm is like believing Obama that 1.6% growth is the new norm. No, we should be able to gain 500+ yards more often and score 40+ as the norm. Not passing 12-22 and 89 yards. That is not part of anyone’s game plan.

Tom you are dead wrong on Mangum, I told you all week that Tanner has what it takes to Grimes offense.

you are too hung up on passing yards, not Total yards…

Grimes is building a very methodical offense . has nothing to do with passing yards, it has everything to do with a balanced game and what the defenses gives

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Lol you need to go back and try basketball. The game plan was try and control the line of scrimmage and run the ball. Complete short passes for 1st downs, at least get equal time of possession and most of all zero turnovers. BYU did very well on their report card and accomplished pretty much what they intended so forget the lofty standards you are referring to. It’s not the MWC

When you pass 22 times, they were hoping for more than 89 yards passing and only 12 completions. Also, there is the chance of a QB scrambling for yards with a mobile runner. Cal figured us out. Not sure why Wisconsin didn’t. However, the big difference is the difference in penalties against Cal. Need a mobile QB that can pass down field.

I have zero problem with that notion

What part of Grimes’ offense thinks it’s okay to complete 54% and average 4 yards per attempt??? I’d take any bet that Grimes thinks 4 yards per passing attempt is terrible. Because it IS terrible. You better do a lot better than 54% if almost all your completions are little short ones.

biggest win in about 20 years. We do owe it to Wisc. on that final drive…they sure dropped a lot of balls. Not taking anything from our studly cougs, who earned the win. Notice that it was 120 degrees on the field and that BYU was in the sun all game.
Grimes conditioning and Line play has changes this team into winners.

Marc Wilson did it against Texas A&M in 1979 42%
Bosco did it against Pitt in 1984, 48%
Detmer did it against Oregon in 1990 58%

the point is, Grimes is taking the talent he has and created a plan that elevates thier ability.

Tanner threw tight spiral long balls that should have been caught. a couple of times he threaded the needle and made a first down. something you and Thawk said he couldn’t do.

Tanner had less than 100 yds passing. So, he didn’t thread the needle very many times. The longest pass of the day for BYU was thrown by a receiver.

I watched the game and I am not impressed with Mangum. I am sure he will start against McN St and UWash but let’s see where we are at after those 2 games.

We usually are on opposite sides but on this one I agree. There is nothing good about 89 yards with 22 pass attempts. Especially with us moving the ball on the ground.

However, do you have yardage of the completed passes? I bet it’s more than 89 yards and 4 yards per completion.

It doesn’t matter… because the offense Grimes is using is for short range passes, power sweeps to open up the running lanes.

I watched Mangum throw some deep balls, only to see our receivers drop the passes (very catch-able passes)

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Floyd, Those stats are wrong. Bosco completed passes for 363 yds against Pitt in 1984. 28 or 29 out of 42 attempts. 13 of BYU’s 19 first downs were through the air.