Post Game Reaction

Detmer was 33-57 for 432 yds vs Oregon in 1990 … lots more wrong with those stats but you get my point. Tanner is dreadful at playing big time football. Just wait until the next ballgame where a good program can take away the run and force him to throw. I think U Wisc over looked BYU it won’t happen again.

Little Hawks (thawk) gave you the real stats and 400 yards is a far cry from 89 yards. Just glad Wisconsin wasn’t prepared for our defense and our run game.

In Grimes offense right now… it is all about the “Run” not Pass… So it really doesn’t matter, does it Scott.

Yes, it does. Had he been able to throw against Cal we would have won that game and done better against Arizona. We can’t pass against MS Saturday it could be a long day. Don’t be surprised to see Wilson or Critchlow.

Not sure, because the receivers were dropping easily catch-able balls.

It the guy does not catch the ball, even steve young could not have done better.

I have been think ing a fair amount about just how BYU was able to change their butter soft Lines into some of the strongest in the nation. To beat Wisc at the line at home is historic. No doubt Grimes saved Sitake’s job and to some extent, our fanbase.

I would point out that BYU was able to beat Wisc on the 2nd hottest game ever played at Randle Stad. because we prepped for Arizona on those mid day 100 degree days of summer. We are also not plagued with all those bad injuries from past years and credit goes to the St and Conditioning coaches

I would say that 3 things have changed the culture at BYU.
1- 11 0n 11 scrimmages all fall camp

2- Conditioning

3- Grimes and accountability.

BYU beats the #6 ranked team in the country and all grasshopper can talk about is 89 yards passing?

Who gives a rats booty how many yards passing they had? I don’t care if they win the game. For somebody that is always talking about being positive and that making the difference between winning and losing, the hopper sure is a debbie downer after this game.

Relish the win, it has been awhile since BYU had a big win like this.

It is informative and just plain fun to go to opposing team’s comments and read all their gripes:

They all want Hornibrook benched (Hmmmm, where have we heard this?)

They all agree that they overlooked BYU. Iowa comes to town and they are the best team in Wisc.'s division.

G0 Cougs.

This is only true in the immediate afterglow of the Wisconsin win. We are going to have games where we struggle to run the ball at all, just like against Cal. Then what? We can’t do halfback passes every time we need to throw downfield. What are we going to do in games where we need to have passing yardage, move the chains, convert on long yardage situations, and we simply cannot run the ball? That’s the concern.

We are all thrilled with the win over Wisconsin. That goes without saying. But many of us would also like to compete with Washington, beat BSU in Boise (never been done), not lose to Northern Illinois at home, snap the seven game losing streak with Utah, and not lose to Utah St. We are going to have to have decent passing yardage and completion percentages to have a chance in any of these games.

On a separate note, Mangum’s regression as a passer is pretty remarkable. He did make some long completions other than the two Hail Mary’s his freshman year. Does anyone have any confidence at all with him when it’s 3rd and 12?

It’s pretty clear to me that there is a significant mental block for him, and this wasn’t helped by his interceptions against Cal when he had to throw it more than three yards. He’s a basket case, and that worries me in pressure situations in games we need to win and we’re playing from behind in hostile environments. He makes Jake Heaps look like a cool and collected passer with ice water in his veins. Mangum makes me really nervous — especially in long yardage situations where we have struggled to run the ball all game.

He did a good job against Wisconsin as a “game manager” who didn’t turn the ball over. But when we needed a 30 yard pass, they dialed up a halfback pass. What does that tell you? Do you think teams didn’t take notice of that?

Obviously I agree with the line of thinking that Mangum isn’t the answer to BYU being a competitive team over the rest of the season. We will have to throw the ball to keep teams honest. He can’t throw well enough to lead the team. He can’t move with his feet and make teams pay for being overly aggressive on our running backs or receivers. He is very good at handing the ball off … and not fumbling the snap from center. But that is where his expertise ends. I am confident based on the athletic ability of Wilson and Hall that both of them could replace Tanner and they would give BYU more options and be able to manage the game. Critch is simply a better passer than Mangum. But he is slower of foot than Tanner …

Anyway, teams are going to load the box on BYU and force us to throw. If they have a decent pass rush, Tanner will be eaten alive and probably chuck up some more passes to defenders. A program that hopes for a 9 win season in D-1 FB will have to have a well rounded QB. We don’t have that in Tanner. But he did do what was required to beat Wisc. Wisc had no idea we had improved so much on the D line or OL and they just thought that they would roll over us again like last year…especially at home. Very good win for BYU and now gives our team and fan base a glimpse of what is possible with a true QB under center. Imagine if we could average throwing for 250 yards a game? What would that do for BYU’s nations Rep? How would that impact the next ESPN contract? How many’s more wins over top 25 teams would that lead too? How much would the odds of BYU being accepted into a P5 conference in 2023 … go up?

We need some strong teams who get some big wins over the next 5 years to make BYU relevant again. Wisc is a start. Beating Utah would be another step in the right direction. We simply have to win 8-9-10 games a year. Sitake is recruiting well and if you look at starters and the 2 deep chart, this team is extremely young. The future is bright … now if we can just find a couple of QB’s who are dual threat we would be in business. Tanner isn’t a single threat QB. He can’t really throw he ball down field and he certainly can’t run it.

Yea… I think I could hear some BYU talking in the article.

Good snag…

We went away with the game plan we did in Arizona, which Sitake readily admits was a mistake, The power sweeps opens up the middle… We never used them in the Cal game…

Having said that, we still lost by 3 points, even when the offense was not clicking…

Pure speculation… because neither one of these boys has played on a D1 level before.

Ask any D1 football player what the difference between playing high school and College, they will tell you that it is
physical ability and SPEED… I have watched both Wilson and Hall in high school, they are very good. But neither of them are the next coming of Ty Detmer.

Zach was recruited by Boise State, Cal, Oregon State and BYU…
Jaren was recruited by Utah, Houston, Washington State and BYU…

Here is a shocker for you… Don’t be surprised that Hall beats out Wilson next year… Hall is a dual threat QB, he did not have the same talent level around him that Wilson had in high school.

If the receivers catch the ball, I have 100 percent confidence that Tanner can throw on 3rd and 12, 15 or even 20 yards.

The problem we have right now, outside of Collie, we have no clutch receivers. IF you go back into the archives of BYU football, you will see that what made Young, McMahon, Bosco, etc better QB’s was that they had several clutch receivers. They caught those passes that were short, behind them, over the top… Right now, I can not think of a single receiver that can do that (outside of maybe Collie)…

It is pure speculation that both of these QB’s can throw and run better than Tanner. Although based on my eyeball test … both Hall and Wilson are way faster than Tanner. I don’t need them to be better passers than Tanner ,… he isn’t good anyway. If Hall or Wilson can run some … and still hand off the ball without fumbling … they give BYU options that Tanner doesnt give us. So, I would put one of them in. Critch can throw more accurately than Tanner so if you don’t want Mangum to run … put Critch into the game. Critch is the only QB on the roster who has won more games than he lost as a starter at BYU.

Tanner isn’t a good passer and he is a bad runner. You can’t expect to win against decent teams with him on the field as the QB.

Are you willing to eat crow if BYU is 8-4 or 9-3 at the end of the season?

Here is how I see the rest of the year big games:
Can we beat Utah? I am 80-90% percent sure we can, they are having some awful offense going on right now.
Can we Beat Utah State? I am 95 percent sure we can, They are good, but our boys are better
Can we Beat Boise State? I am 80 percent sure we can, Just think we have what it takes
Can we Beat Washington? I am 75 percent sure we can, I am going all out on this. If we play the way we played against Wisconsin, I think we beat Washington. Pure physical abuse by our D-Line and O-line players on the Washington.

Sorry, I just don’t buy your take on Tanner, But then with BYU fans they always seem to cheer for the backup QB to come in and replace the starter.

Ok Floyd, I am willing to upgrade your season ticket package at my expense if Tanner is the starting QB and we win against UW, UofU, BSU, USU and NI! I will never say another thing about Tanners lack of talent again. Deal? I don’t think BYU will win all those games with Tanner as the starting QB. I bet the coaches will replace him somewhere along the line. They will see that he can’t make the passing or running plays required to win vs the better teams who stack the box against BYU. Wilson will get some starts and maybe Hall will too. It doesn’t matter to me which of the 3 back up QBs get playing time as long they are allowed to open the play book. The minute a starting QB change is made … we won’t go back to Tanner and it will be obvious that there is more natural talent to work with at the QB position.

Floyd, this isn’t a natural hate of Tanner issue. It is a stats issue. There hasn’t been a top 25 team in this country … in the last 20 years … who had a QB average the same amount of TD passes as Interceptions and been in the top 25! No team finished the season as a top 25 team who averaged under 175 yds passing per game for the season. Tanner is on track in both of those departments over this year AND last year. He has been bad … no other way to look at it. If he can’t throw for over 200 yds a game … he will not win against good teams from here on out. They are on to him. I sense a QB change coming in the next few weeks.

You said the exact same thing before Wisconsin… how did that turn out for you?

That was already in the plans for this season, due to the change in red shirt rules. So I expect them to use both of them at some time in the near future.

How do you know they haven’t open the play book?

I remind you that Sitake dream team is a smash mouth, tough, and physical team (According to comments he made while at Utah and on the coaches show recently). Grimes comes from Auburn and LSU, guess what type of offense they run? Smash Mouth.

Smash mouth football have very little passing in it.

So even if Wilson or Hall gets in, I seriously doubt they will throw more passes than Tanner has.

But your the expert right?