Pre season rankings and where does BYU fit in

Always fun to conjecture. Where do you think these teams should be ranked (and maybe why)

Sagarin has BYU 62
SMC 32, Zags 19, and Princeton 81

Massey has BYU 57
SMC 23, Zags 21 and Princeton 89

Pomeroy has BYU 50
SNC 18, Zags 28, and Princeton 28

I kid you not, these guys are miles from each other. And since I trust Pomeroy much more than I do the others even if his data does not make sense until about 15 games out, Pomeroy has Princeton somewhere in the “sound” world of top 30 rankings. A place that a team full of seniors should be at.

I have ranked BYU 33, SMC 26, Gonzaga 19 and Princeton 28.

Vegas has BYU -4 over Princeton with a 159 over/under.

Princeton is full of seniors but we are home where our shots fall so I am conflicted. Still think we lose on lack of experience. I’ll say Davis chokes on free throws at the end…80-78

Princeton has a way of making talented teams look silly with their precision game. I’m excited for the challenge. I would also give Princeton the edge but I’m still hopeful that we can compete.

BYU survived Princeton. Mika looks great. Nice to see a good inside presence again.

We won! Talent wins out. We have a lot to work on but I liked the effort! Mika is dominate!

Good win for the Cougars. Mika is a beast. Haws is the kind of guy that frustrates other teams. He looks like a non player but makes opponents look silly. I still worry a little about Emery but hopefully he gets past his Jimmer envy. As always Davis worries me. The rest of the guys will only get better, Childs, Rose and Bryant. Hopefully Rose doesn’t change his defense when it is working and allow the opponent to get back in the game like he did tonight.

I am watching Gonzaga right now and the officials are so intimidated it is sickening. SDSU has no chance in this game, which is what I fear will happen when BYU plays the wcc darlings. In fact, I will put money on it that BYU gets nothing from the refs at Gonzaga.

Worried about Emery? He goes out and they catch up. I like Rose. He runs the offense well.
Those coming in for Davis have to score better and make free throws.
Down the stretch we missed too many free throws.
First game against a tough team. Good win!

Not the reason they caught up. I’m not sure why he feels the need to launch 3’s from Jimmer range. He is a very good player, I just think he tries to do too much sometimes and it can hurt the team.

All the announcers did was talk about the Lone Peak 3…

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He went out and we lost the lead. We lost focus and a floor leader.
SDSU is horrible. I’m not all that impressed with GU.

Like the last two years?
when BYU beat them both years on their own court.

LP3 baby, that day is here. Made a savvy senior laden Princeton shoot 35 three point attempts.

Mika and ManChilds destroyed the Tigers in the middle.

After what we say last night Pomeroy will be bumping Princeton back a ways to 30 something. Gonzaga and BYU will be bumped way up.

I now have Princeton at 33
Gonzaga at 12
BYU at 23
SMC 28

No matter… The zags were average. Like Chris said they are better this season. When BYU finally wins something etc. then we can talk.

Also, did they get or need help from the officials? Like I’ve said a thousand times, Gonzaga gets the help when they need it. Both of those BYU wins were immaterial… the games that mattered were the ones Gonzaga won.