Prediction for umass

The cougs will win by 2 points but will beat the pants off UMass with 35 penalties (which Sitake will be happy with).

This will be AT LEAST the fourth game this year I haven’t even watched–UW, Toledo, USF, and maybe one other…our team is boring. I wouldn’t be surprised if we win 45-10 and UMass has their season high in yards–because Tuiaki’s defense is literally DESIGNED TO ALLOW the other team yards, 3rd down conversions, and TOP, simply hoping for the eventual mistake.

Ugh-I don’t even mind if the defense gives up 500 yards-I gave up on the defensive scheme long ago, but if the offense comes out and has stupid penalties every possession I am tuning out and going to rake leaves. It probably isn’t being televised anyway

It is but it’ll cost you $20. So, you can go rake your leaves :slight_smile:

Not paying 20 bucks is cemented in gold

I’m not watching nor listening the game but did checked once a while for score. Previous that I checked it was 28-0. Few seconds later 42-0. Now 49-0, BORING!!! And Zac Wilson played the whole 1st half???
Well, my prediction at end of game will be 103-0 which will be unlikely.

Won’t be that. We are playing 4th string now except the freshman McChesney has 151 yards rushing on 9 carries. Finau is hurt and out for the season. We seem to be deep at RB too.

4th string? I fine with that but we 4th string need to get better when letting umass score 24 points.
Now waiting for soccer game tonight at 6pm MT on BYUtv

UMASS May be bad but they are still college athletes as we found out in the 1st quarter. Against our Jr College level (4th string) UMASS was able to move the ball.
Field goal kicker missed again.

UMass won 24 to 7 in the second half. Not good, even with starters gone.

Well, it wasn’t just no starters. It was 4th stringers. Junior college type players. It will be a coaching point for those players that they have to work harder. 42 points in the 2nd quarter. We could have scored 100 points and shut them out.
Not sure what this does for the next 2 games. But, we will still have good running backs next year. McChesney has break away speed. He was interviewed afterwards and admits he’s not 100% yet from his mission rust. Hope we can have someone stay healthy against SDSU next week. And get off to a fast start.

Ty’son Williams played only 4 games this season. He should be eligible to get medical redshirt. I don’t see why not.

He can. The only decision is whether he wants to come back or try for the NFL. He hasn’t made up his mind.

Left at halftime-whatever else happened doesn’t matter-Sitake, and rightfully so, will never purposely run up the score. Congrats to BYU-so much better than last week

Remember when we had a freshman team and they would play JC teams? That’s pretty much what we had going. No biggie. We needed to stay healthy for next week.

Oh, dear sir, make it all go away. hahahahhaha, but we are third in the country in interceptions. could someone please tell me another team that has their linebackers making ALL the interceptions?