Predictions and Analysis: BSU at BYU

UCF 36-BSU 31
UCF has 573 yds total offense, 255 rushing
BSU 283 total offense with 20 yards rushing on 26att.
UCF then slaughtered terrible BCU, lost 42-35 to a decent Lousville, and lost to a horrid Navy team.
This was a bad loss to a bad team.

BSU 54-UTEP 13
No comment necessary. UTEP is like a good FCS team.

Ok State 21-BSU 20
Oklahoma state attempts 13 passes the entire game and rushes for 246 on 57 carries. BSU knows what’s coming and can’t do a dam& thing about it. Alternatively, BSU rushes for 61 yards on 35 carries. OSU looks to be an excellent team but has only scored over 30 once in five games, preferring to grind you down…a bit like BYU so far…
This was good loss to a very good team.

BSU 27-USU 3
Don’t be misled by the score–BSU allowed 443 total offense, including 235 rushing on 42 carries. USU committed 13 penalties and 3 TOs. This game was a classic case of a team “beating itself.”
This was a good W vs a good team.

Nevada 41-BSU 31
Nevada had 393 yards of total offense including 130 rushing on 30 attempts. Nevada went up 38-24 with 2:40 to go in the 3rd and BSU never threatened after that. Nevada barely beat terrible Cal, walloped FCS Idaho State, and got killed by a very average Kansas State team.
A bad loss vs an average team.

BSU cannot stop the run. Period. Three teams have gone “run heavy” against them and all have run for over 200 yards; Nevada’s RBs ran for 152 on only 24 attempts, or 6.3ypc.
BSU defense already torched by UCF and by Nevada, two average teams.
BSU’s QB Bachmeier is good.
Running game sucks. Like sucks bad. They use a RB by committee, and their top 3 RB average 3.6, 2.9 and 2.5 ypc.

When BYU has the ball:
If BSU plays base D, Allgeier runs laughing to the bank. I don’t see how BSU can limit BYU running the ball without multiple run blitzes. To slow down our hogs and Allgeier they will have to bring multiple guys into the box, and if they do, their smaller DBs will have all kinds of trouble with our big WRs and Rex. I think Jaren Hall starts but Roderick limits his running–which is his greatest strength and BSU’s biggest defensive deficiency–and this will keep the score lower than I’d like to see.

When BSU has the ball:
BYU will stone BSU’s running game without doing anything special–same plan as first half vs USU–3 man front plus giving Bywater primary run responsibility where he is stepping forward at the snap looking run while the other LB are retreating into their zones. Bywater spent a lot of time in the USU backfield on running plays and if BSU tries to run I expect more of the same. BSU won’t care because they have not been committed to the run or able to run in a single game this year. BSU will abandon the running game early and Bachmeier will throw a lot and for a lot of yards against a soft prevent D. Nevada doubled Shakir nearly the whole game and Hobbs had 10 catches for 130. Bachmeier is smart, experienced, and will take what the defense gives him. He’s a high percentage guy and has attempted 34 or more passes in all 4 “real” games so far this year. I think we will see a lot of 3-8 prevent zone. But Bachmeier threw for 388 and 4TD against Nevada and in the end it still didn’t matter because BSU’s defense was so bad.

BYU 31-21. With a full playbook for Hall I’d say more like 41-24, but I just think Roderick will be able to be real conservative with Hall and still win.

BSU has always had a NFL talent at RB, this year…nottagottadada! But wait, could it be???
Their O line is suspect?

From the infamous words of Roberto Duran, “No Mas, No Mas”. My kingdom for a blitz.
Yeah, I have this game close to what we saw in the USU game. If Hall starts, I would give BYU one more TD. Prime time game that pollsters see as apposed to them looking at a final score.

You guys sound like you think you belong on College Game Day with Corso and Herbstreet.

Which one of you is going to put the cougar head on?

BYU should win easy but if BSU gets an early lead I dunno… BYU hasn’t had to come back this year so far, have they?

I know. Isn’t it fun?!?!

Prediction: Jacob starts. Has a fairly good start.BYU out to a 14-point lead. He is knocked out of the game in the middle of the second quarter. Sol-Jay enters as BYU’s 4th string quarterback. After a rough start and 10 BSU points, Sol-Jay starts to run and short pass wild, opening up for Tyler. BYU wins 34-17.