Predictions for 2018-19 Basketball

  • Lose the regular season and WCC tournament
  • Place second in both.
  • Split with St. Mary’s and 0-2 against Gonzaga
  • Lose 3 games to bottom feeders.
  • Make the bottom half of the NIT and lose in the first round.
  • Assuming we retain Yo for this next year, he will leave at the end of the season.
  • Assuming we get Nick back, he will lead the team in shot attempts and put up a decent but unremarkable %.
  • Rose will play 2 guys out of position: Yo as a center for 10 minutes a game, Zac as a PF
  • Speaking of Zac, his numbers will go up but will not be close to his freshman season.
  • Rose will have 3 guys in the top 10 in minutes in the WCC: TJ, Yo, Nick.
  • Rose will glue the role players to the bench, again, eventually settling on a heavy 7 or 8 man rotation
  • In 9 months we will be wondering why on earth 3 guys are getting the number of minutes they do: Luke, Mckay, and Braiden. (hopefully, they will all come off the bench if at all in the case of Braiden but even if they come off the bench, I predict Rose will over play them) The answer to that future question is that they are seniors, not very good seniors mind you, but Rose will trust them instead of thinking about actually building a team that can win in the postseason.
  • Rose will get 23 wins Huzzah!
  • Dastrup, Bergerson and one of the freshman (my guess is the Harding kid to start off with but maybe the kid from Timpview) will finally get minutes. The other freshman will languish on the bench.
  • This is just wishful thinking but…Evan Troy goes to uvu.
  • Disregarding potetial injuries, the starting lineup next year once we hit conference play will be: Nick, TJ, Zac, Yo, Dastrup. Unless Rose does what I think he’ll do and that would be: Shire, Nick, TJ, Zac, Yo or Shire, TJ, Zac, Yo, luke. First guy off the bench will be: Nix/McKay.
  • Our undying refrain will be ‘Next year is our year.’

Hard to say, but my guess is 3rd place in WCC. Same old stuff different year. Childs leaving is 50/50 and if he does it just gets worse. BYU has stagnated in recent years. Time for Rose to step down or breathe life into this program. Change sometimes is needed just to have a new outlook on the program. Find a conference-the MWC has more cred than BYU right now. Sorry, I’m a big Cougar fan, but some people don’t see the obvious-year after year after year until what needed to be done finally happens, 5 years too late. The football program made some unpopular moves, but the health of the program demanded it. The basketball program has to respond -whatever it takes.

It’s premature to agree or disagree since we don’t know who will be on the team and the other coach is. Dastrup will start as he will continue to improve on his defense.

Understandable. But St Mary’s did lose 3 four year starters and a ton of minutes. I’m hoping that puts a dent in their schematics. I’m struggling to be optimistic about BYU’s chances at doing anything in the foreseeable future. I think they can, it’s just a matter of making the right decisions. Who knows. [quote=“grasshopper, post:3, topic:7953, full:true”]
It’s premature to agree or disagree since we don’t know who will be on the team and the other coach is. Dastrup will start as he will continue to improve on his defense.

Correct. My predictions are based on retaining Yoeli and getting Nick back and everyone else makes normal progress. If any of those conditions are untrue, then things get worse.

The extreme upside would be if a couple guys took a huge leap we didn’t see coming. Bergerson? Dastrup? one of the incoming freshman? Or if we install an offense/defense that clicks. All of those would be huge and pleasant surprises.

I’m not even considering SM as they should be rebuilding, although Bennett is a good coach. Programs like San Diego are getting better, along with SF and Pepperdine. BYU can’t stand still and must get better. Emery just sat out a year-and it remains to be seen how that affects him. Dastrup was misused or not used enough so his progress has been retarded. If Childs leaves-this program is really short in the post. Seljaas requires good players around him. Optimism is really redundant for BYU basketball right now and the program needs a shot of change to set it right. Some of u are buying into what people are scripted to say and not reality. Reality is what you have gotten the last five years. Be careful or it will become the norm

If we come in behind one of the 7 dwarves I will lose my mind.

My view is that the potential is there but I don’t have high hopes.

Your analysis is spot on and very likely. It is easy to write a story about what happened this past season and see that happening again but it is probably accurate because it is real close to what we have seen the past several years.

It’s called a pattern and it has developed and become the norm now. Many fans are content with it, particularly the grasshopper. He seems to like things the way they are. I don’t and I will continue to look for the reasons why it does and comment on those reasons. I did this past season and I am sure I was correct. I actually predicted a lot of what we saw.

I hope it changes but, like you, I don’t have high hopes.

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I am with your post Sundance.Remember the definition of stupid is repeating the same failures over and over. BYU is stuck in the St. Zag WCC. To me it is time for BYU to either go back to the MWC in basketball and football and/or go back with all sports if we can get some of our needs taken care of like Boise State. Or go to a good G-5 league like the AAC.

agreed. I guess we have to wait for the LP2 to finish up before we get a new coach

What do we call, Yoeli Childs, Gavin Baxter and Connor Harding who were all 4-Star recruits and teammates on the Utah Prospects AAU team?

Like the Lone Peak kids they were all teammates…hmm the UP3?

Actually the UP3 and the LP2 together on the floor wouldn’t be bad.

Should we then call this version of Rose’s team the LUP5?

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These are the best players from the state of Utah so naturally everyone in provo/utah valley thinks BYU is going to the final four. The good thing is that they are all from Utah so they will get special treatment and accolades whether they play well or not.

But… like I said before, BYU will be lucky to finish better than third place in the wcc, again.

Same song, another verse. Not expecting a thing.

Harding is from Idaho, just went to Utah for AAU as near as I can tell. AAU ball in Idaho doesn’t measure up.
As to the accolades: All the four-star ratings are not coming from Utahns. They are coming from the national sports punditry.

but you are probably right about WCC and a third place finish. Until Rose wakes up and figures out how to start developing players again third place is where he will be.

That Wade kid from Davis/Gonzaga would be a nice get. Fill in right where McKay is and pretty much the same style and quality of players.

Pocatello is as much a part of Utah as it is Idaho… same geographical area, same culture, same level of basketball.

They have to balance out the star ratings to maintain interest in all areas of the US. There is no way these 4 star Utah/Idaho players are of the same caliber of player as you find in CA, or NY, etc.

I’m right about all of the things I claimed. This has been proven over the course of many years in the BYU basketball program. It is true with the football program as well. BYU is not equipped to handle or coach high level athletes from other areas of the country. The culture and favoritism or whatever it is, is destructive. It is like a rocky mountain thing and they are trapped in a bubble. Out of area high level recruits, for the most part, never pan out at BYU. It is a shame but it is also a fact. Dastrup is the most recent example of this. BYU couldn’t figure out how to utilize his talent so he left the program… as did FB4 and Chatman. Ben Olsen and Jake Heaps are also two good examples of wasted talent because BYU couldn’t find a way to make it work.

Or, maybe the players didn’t find a way to work with the coaches and other players. It’s a two-way street. And your head is mighty big to say you are right a lot. Most of the time it’s just silly conspiracy and conjecture stuff. No real proof :sob:

Yeah, okay.

The proof is in the results. You can blame it on EVERY high level athlete that comes to BYU or you can surmise that maybe there is something wrong with the culture at the school.

The success of the team lately combined with the number of high level athletes that are leaving is a clear indicator that something is amiss.

You might want to lift your head up out of the sand…

LOL and the other ten characters required

Careful now, you are starting to sound like someone we all know…chuckles.

I hear you on the local recruiting but then Baxter is a guy that could show up on any team in America. Childs works out with him daily. With his intensity and the drive of our guards, I see good things.

2nd place and a dance invite is all I’m hoping for

GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE CLOUDS!!! We are talking about a seriously deficient school and mentality here says Mr. I’m right all the time. We will only make 3rd place and the NIT. And how dare you disagree with him. Now, GO TO YOUR ROOM!!!

Hopeful realism, that’s what I’m talking about. I’m right there with you. That is my realistic hope for BYU this season. If something happens and they do better I will be pleasantly surprised. If they finish third again and miss the ncaa tourney… well, that is what we have seen lately.

I predict that the defense will improve because a years experience with it will likely improve it.

I also predict tht it will not be a second straight year for the worst offense in the Dave Rose era.

So with more experience on the team, The most experienced team in the post Jimmer era, the team will likely play better than any Rose team of the post jimmer era.

Better O, slightly better D and better experience with essentially the same level of talent the team will play better.

The OoC schedule is the hardest in several years, this means that the motivation is there to do better and that Rose thinks the team has a shot of playing better. Maybe he will not be so beat down this year as the last couple.

The Conference schedule will not be so horrific at the lower end and will be worse at the upper end, meaning SMC will be worse, Gonzaga will be better. The rest of the league will be more or less slightly improved because so many of the new coaches from last year will be a year better at coaching and a year better at getting their recruits for the game they want to play.

So BYU will be playing tight with SMC and possibly one other team for 2nd in the conference.

BYU will be playing for an upper echelon NIT birth or one of the lower NCAA one and done type births.

I do love the NIT.