Pretty Good article on Taysom Hill

I thought it was pretty interesting anyways.

I also think one reason we have so many injuries last year is because our Strength and Conditioning coach is not that good.

We have been saying this for years now. But, remember the NFL has older players who have been working out longer as well. They have more time to work out daily too.

Thanks Floyd excellent article-Hill is a class act

Taysom really is a beast and wish him a big new contract where ever he plays for. Saints would be smart to keep him with a higher pay contract. I enjoyed reading this article.

They had him on the Super bowl Collin Herd show. It would seem that Tysom is the heir apparent of the Saints. Brees as made it know that he would be OK with less reps. The Saints can’t keep all three QBs and they want Hill to stay at New Orleans at all costs. I don’t know where Bridgewater fits into all of this but Tysom is going to be paid more then any of us dared to believe.