Put me in the Kalani Sitake camp

Having thought about it for the past 24 hours, Sitake makes the most sense: Successful DC, great recruiter, LDS, BYU background, admired in the Poly community, loves the Cougars.

Ken won’t come to BYU because of money…hard to argue against a lifetime pension.
Bevell sounds like a Crowton clone…too risky.
Anderson certainly has the resume. I went to a Christmas party with a relative of one of Stanford’s starting defensive players (LDS) who said the players love Anderson, but he and Sitake sound identical and so the decision comes down to the BYU guy.

Sitake it is, at least in my mind.

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I am intrugued by Ken the most. He is a stickler for detail. Anderson is also an exciting play for me also. Very well liked and respected by everyone at Stanford. If Sitaki was selected, I think the biggest quetion for me is who is the OC? Those runs up the middle to an awaiting defense, drive me nuts. I am afraid we are going to see it a lot in the bowl game. I think that is the main reason I like Ken or Anderson.

How about Ty Detmer for OC if Sitaki gets HC?

Coach Niamatololo makes too much money. Remember our limitations are pretty severe in that area. Sitaki may do it for the chance to become the first Tongan D1 HC in history. He is a dynamite recruiter and will keep the Poly pipeline alive and well. Guarantee he retains Atauia or brings in another young, vibrant, skilled minority coach to recruit. I would love to see Sitake as our HC.