QB Stats don't lie

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Great analysis on Taysom’s productivity. The only footnote I would add is that this is the first time BYU has started the season with four P5 teams. Taysom’s numbers would look much better if we added a few cupcakes in the mix. After 4 games, Taysom has thrown 4 TDs with 7 interceptions and a dismal QB rating of 108.1. His rating against AZ was respectable (142), dismal against Utah (84), poor against UCLA (101), and, due to 3 interceptions, poor against WV (125). Last year, Tanner had the benefit of a few more experienced players in receiving corps (Matthews, Blackmon, Houk). As for P5 competition last year, Tanner did well against Nebraska (178) but dismal against Michigan (59), poor at UCLA (110) and Missouri (114).

Today will be telling. If Taysom struggles against Toledo, maybe we’ll see Tanner. But, to be fair, the tough schedule and the fact that Taysom is trying to run a new offense are big factors in his struggles. Still, I agree that his accuracy on long throws is poor compared to Tanner. It is also telling that coming out of Fall camp, some players commented that Tanner was intercepted less than any of the other QBs. That comment lends credibility to his accuracy and decision making.

One other statistic: Tanner was a freshman coming almost right off a mission (I know this 3 months off his mission stuff doesn’t resonate with the Hill advocates but does resonate if it suits peoples purposes) while Hill is a 6th year senior.

I do not advocate Hill’s removal as starter. However, something has to be done to shake up the offense and Tanner is the far better vertical passer. We can debate all the different factors in favor of Hill or Mangum till the cows come home and we are not going to solve anything. The decision to continue with Hill or change to Mangum is strictly the coaches decision and they will have to live with the consequences of whatever they decide. After all, it is their jobs on the line.

I will say that after the P5 schedule we had and the 1 and 3 record, BYU is just one of a large number of G5 teams from a national perspective. That is got to have large impact on Big 12 decision. Of course I am not convinced that getting into the Big 12 is such a fabulous idea.

Toledo is not a push over.

two bombs to win at the last second in back to back games… Saved our season. Tanner did that the 1st 2 games of his career. Let’s chew on that for a while.

I had a dream last night…Detmer was not his smiley self, he was yelling to Hill, “They have 9 guys in the box, throw to the flat”. Hill was yelling back, " I’m not going to throw another pick 6 and cost us another game"…then I woke up.

add some top gun music and you get the gest of my crazy dream

Vegas has the odds @ BYU -4.5 and an over/under of 52.5 ( I will take the over).


Good points! I’m not advocating Hill over Tanner. I was just trying to put his rough start in better perspective. During the UCLA game, Hill went from vocal leader to sitting dejectedly on the sideline in silence. I think that was his moment of truth. Those dreams of being a Heisman front-runner and a successful NFL QB sort of vanished with each empty series. Now he’s playing for pride. I hope he does well tonight but I am a bit torn because I would also like to see the Tanner era resume.