Rain is expected for the bowl game

Well, the last time it rained we had the fumbles. What will a wet game look like?

When is the game, I need to check into that.

Today at 12:30pm on channel 7 ABC

Just heard on the pregame show that Hall won’t due to an injury he sustained against USC. Romney will start and Hall will be available on an emergency basis.

That sucks! Do you believe the report? Or is Hall thinking about going pro?

I believe it. They said he has been in a boot since the USC game and just took the boot off a few days ago. He is supposedly available on an emergency basis. BYU doesn’t talk much about injuries and they were probably concealing it so UAB wouldn’t prepare for Romney.

And it’s raining… Our defense has to cause takeaways and win this game…

Defense needs to step it up…

Defense stepped it up alright, just like they’ve been doing all season long.

So frustrating being a BYU fan.

Why didn’t Romney look down field instead of the quick pass to Allgeirs? Try Conover

BYU is never ready for games like this.

The officials are though, so they turn a head to UAB holding and the RB for UAB takes it the distance. Same old story same old song and dance.

We’ve seen this a lot of times over the years.

Ya, I saw the holding too. They didn’t immediately call the targeting either


Coat Kalani need to take over the DC today

Fire the referees!

That would be fine too

Defense sleeping again. Can’t stop the pass

Probably good thing BYU didn’t play a NY6 game. Likey be run out of the stadium during the 1st half. My thought before the game was the Y would lose the game. There is a BYU history with this sort of thing. Well, at least Sitaki is extended to 2027 until next year when he will be extended to 2030.

What is it about mental preparations for big games?

I am embarrassed - AGAIN - to be a BYU football fan.

BYU defense quit!!!

Did Samson Had possession of the ball when turning it over? No review no challenge why not? Sorry today’s game was terrible