Ranking BYU's 2020 signing class

Wondered what everyone’s thoughts were on the signing class?
We came in somewhere around #71.

What say you?

An average class! This coaching staff has to start producing consistent results on the field and beating teams they should beat. There isn’t much confidence in the coaches at BYU to prepare young men who want to play at the next level. When you start winning it attracts better athletes. That is why it is important to get rid of a few coaches who aren’t very good … on this team. You can’t hide mediocre results and goods athletes want to win. They will go elsewhere like Utah, Virginia, Utah State, Boise State or other programs if BYU FB can’t gets its act together!

We had a very good recruiting class. At BYU we develop 3 star athletes into 4 and 5 star athletes. The key is to have the right coaching come game time with the right offensive schemes like Edwards developed. We have had 4 and 5 star QBs and how did they turn out? BYU is a different place. You need coaches willing to work within the Church system too.

“We had a very good recruiting class.”

It is obvious that you do not read much.
Of 130 teams, approximately half of them being G5 mid-major teams and the other half being P5 major league teams, our recruiting this year is around the middle 70’s (73?)

To be in the middle 70’s tells us that we are nowhere close to the upper half P5 teams, major league, that we want to be.

In fact, we are not even at the top of the G5 mid-major teams and that is not acceptable to anyone that I know. It is not acceptable to the players, the coaches, the University/Church.

It definitely, is not, as you state, a very good recruiting class for the competition that we are playing.

I would have to agree with you. All of Sitake’s recruiting classes have been unimpressive.

So far the jury is still out on Sitake as far as I am concerned. He was touted for the ability to recruit but based on the rankings he has been a worse recruiter than Mendenhall whom many BYU fans were happy that he replaced. His in game coaching decisions have also been questionable in many cases. I will say one thing for Bronco and that is he nearly always beat teams he was supposed to beat and he got his occasional win against power 5 teams (just about as often as Sitake does). I don’t want to see Sitake fired. He is a good guy and I want to see him succeed but so far his coaching isn’t even up to Mendenhall’s standard either in recruiting or in game management, and the proof is in the inferior WL record he has as compared to Mendenhall’s. Mendenhall never had a losing season and was in a bowl every single year of his tenure.

I hope he moves the program ahead of where it was when he took over but the trend doesn’t look good so far. If BYU has a great year this year I will be the happiest fan around and it will pay dividends in recruiting. I agree with THawk that Sitake has to start winning. He has to keep beating a few power 5s every year and quit losing to mid majors that BYU should beat nearly every single time. BYU could have easily been 11-2 last year if you take away all those bad losses to mid major teams. Most of those losses came in the fourth quarter after giving up a lead except the SDSU game. One thing about the Mendenhall teams is that they generally could be counted on to hold a 2nd half lead. Even if you concede that SDSU wans’t a bad loss the other 3 mid major losses were bad and happened because BYU gave up the lead in the fourth 1/4. In the Hawaii game you could argue a very bad 3rd down play call by the coaches with about 2 minutes left cost BYU that game. Why call a pass on 3rd and 2 when the running game had been working so well?

The record at worst should have been 10-3 and I think most of us would have been very happy with that. With two games left it appeared BYU was over its mid season swoon and I would have been happy with 9-4 but the team collapsed in the last two games. After beating Boise and USU I actually expected a final record of 9-4 which would have looked far better than 7-6.

BYU beat Tennessee and USC and I don’t know of any past season where BYU beat two teams of that caliber. They have had years where they beat a couple of power 5 teams but not two 8 win power 5 teams. At least not that I can remember. That is whey those losses to Toledo, South Florida, Hawaii, and to some degree SDSU, were so disheartening.

A recruit is going to be much more impressed with a 10-3 record and a bowl win than barely over .500 and losing to teams they should beat, even on the road, by a couple of touchdowns. The ESPN contract and tough schedule will be more impressive if you are actually winning 9-11 games every year like Bronco did most years.They also need to beat Utah on occasion or they will continue to lose the top LDS players in Utah to the U and other P5 programs.

When Mendenhall had his big recruiting year with Jake Heaps and several other 4 star recruits it came on the heals of two 11-2 seasons, with conference titles (in fact undefeated in the MWC in 2006 & 2007), with bowl wins over Pac 10 teams and wins over Utah. The recruiting class didn’t pan out so well but the touted recruits came because BYU was winning and beating its rival.

You aren’t paying attention to others. When BYU gets a 4 star recruit, those doing the ratings slip them back to 3 stars. Looks like a recruiting class that will benefit BYU greatly. It was in the middle but again, BYU develops players to be 4 and 5 stars.

My assessment falls along the same lines. Playing Devil with the details I would inquire the following:

After a great start and beating Tenn, USC, BYU had injuries to the following people: QB Wilson, Running Back and a ton to DBs. Wilson, we recovered nicely from by the BS game…RB, we never recovered from and DB, the real reason why BYU played the horrible rush 3-drop back 8 and why teams gnashed us so bad. Liberty also should of been a loss had they not had injuries to their RBs in that game.

BYU has the most unique schedule in the entire college FB world. When other teams are playing cupcakes and figuring out rotations for the 1st four games, BYU starts with 3 or 4 ranked teams and gets a ton of injuries. BYU struggles from there on out.

With a returning O and Dline and experience at QB, expect this year to resemble last season all over again. Win some against ranked teams, give us all a reason to be fully invested, then lose to a bottom feeder. Hopefully through all of this Sitake and CO. figure out how to make the right call on the right play and avoid disasters, like against Hawaii.

fish, thawk, grasshopper and aro.

I have to agree with each of you on your statements above.
I think that we all love Sataki and find him a great breath of fresh air.

It is great hearing Sataki talk about his players and the team without lecturing to all the other coaches in the nation on how they should coach, and change the way they are doing things.

If Bronco was not allowed to speak, he would have been one of our better coaches. So far Sataki has been a great disappointment when it comes to consistency. Like Bronco, ocassionally he could win the big P5 teams, but unlike Bronco, we lose as many games that we are favored as we win the games that we are underdogs.

The situation keeps reminding me of Lavel when he said that he would rather lose in Laramy and live in Provo that to win in Wyoming and have to live there.

I kind of feel that way with Sataki and Bronco. I would have really liked Bronco if he never opened his mouth. I would like Sataki much more, (And I do like him a lot now), if he could be more consistant in winning the games that we are favored to win.

To be frank, BYU won some last year that they were not supposed to win, made us super hyped up about the reat of the year then lost some that we absolutely were not supposed to lose and that is where our frustration comes from.
BYU’s recruiting class got some gems and they have kind of been overlooked because of the disappointment of the recruiting #. but here are several recruits that fill our needs, hence, the reason why I think BYU did a good job:

Agreed! We had a very good recruiting class…


“Agreed! We had a very good recruiting class”

With 130 teams, approximately,( + - ) 65 P5 teams and 65 G5 teams,
how can you say #71 is a very good recruiting class if indeed our goal is to be recognized in the short term as an Independent P5 team and in the long term, a P5 Conference team? Or is all the talk about being a P5 team just talk with no real expectations?


“You aren’t paying attention to others.”

Grasshopper, I do pay attention to what others are saying. When I hear others say or read what they post, that corresponds with what I witness first hand at each game played on the field at home and at away, it does carry much wait with me and I acknowledge it in my posting.

On the other hand, when some one post something that contridicts
that which I witness in person on the gridiron during each game than I post my disagreement.

It is not that I don’t read each post, but instead I do not gree with all that is posted.


“All of Sitake’s recruiting classes have been unimpressive.”

I read very carefully each of the 38 lines in your 7 paragraphs,
not once, but twice, and I can not disagree with anything that
you posted.

I do like Sataki very much, but like you, I am a bit disappointed
with recruiting and consistency. He wins some of the P5 teams
but loses to more of the G5 teams.

I have one concern with play calling. (Grimes or Sataki)

2 minutes left in the Hawaii game. We are winning.
We are first and ten.
All we need is clock management and run each play and hang onto the ball.
each down, run the clock down to last second. If ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY, use up a delay of game. Take no chances on losing the ball. Have the running backs hold onto the ball. Take a knee when the time comes. Happy now because we just won the game.

Instead, we called a pass play. It got intercepted. They ran the ball back for an un-necessary TD and won the game. How sad is that…
The Hawaii fans in the bleachers cheered, “Thank you BYU”

When higher ranked players decide BYU, the rating bigots drop players to 3 star. It’s rigged. We got the players we need…