Re....scouting USU

Geez, you forget to make sure this is in the Football section and it gets locked…Stupid feature Cougarfan needs to be rid of.

Not going to retrieve what I wrote but I will highlight.

USU should not be a loss for BYU. USU has a duel threat QB who has looked all world against teams like ISU and SJS… who has 6 pics in 4 games and if BYU shuts down the run, USU would have a tough time beating BYU.

BYU may be one of the poorest scoring team in all the land but I think they will get serious and focus on long time consuming drives that just deflate a sky high USU team. Nothing fancy, just methodical.

Game in the 20s. If its close, USU’s special teams would be the difference. Still thinking BYU is better

I agree about this somewhat new board. I like to see that they get rid of it and bring back the old format (they won’t) with some tweak to improve it. You think they should of move your message to the correct category rather than locking it. Remember with this old format and some guys would comment in the wrong group and JimH would say wrong department and yes Scott G. would say the same too. It didn’t bother me when someone say wrong department.
If usu is that bad as what you said and yes we should clamp their running game (including their qb) then yes we should do fine and winning it. I would love to see we score three TD and one or two FG to aggies.
We win tonight then we can talk about boise st. If we lose then we can talk about after Mississippi State game.

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A kid from my ward plays at Utah State - Dallin Leavitt (Safety). Dallin will be especially eager to play well against BYU because he started his career there at the Y but then transferred to Utah St a couple years ago.

I’m rooting for the Cougars (always!), but hoping Dallin has a good game, too.