Recruiting foreign players

I know we have talked about one of the issues with the BYU basketball program being lazy recruiting. Many here have postulated that if Rose would expand his sphere of influence beyond Udaho and make an effort to recruit outside that state, particularly looking at some of the foreign countries and players, that BYU might benefit from the effort.

Well it looks like it might be happening.

BYU signed a player from Brazil, Bernardo da Silva, who might help the team down the road. I am glad that BYU is going after some foreign talent and has made the effort to spend some time outside of the U.S…

but wait… da Silva may be from Brazil, but he actually plays basketball for Wasatch Academy, a private boarding school specifically created to play basketball around the country and only think about school while they are out on the playing trail. More importantly, the school is only a hop, skip and a jump from BYU.

I guess I was wrong, there is little to no effort with regard to recruiting players outside of the state of Udaho… lazy recruiting persists despite what we might think or hope for.

So, can he play? He’s from Brazil in a special program to recruit foreign players. What’s the problem?

In case you didn’t read it right the first time -

Lazy recruiting.

Here, let me say it again… Lazy recruiting.

I guess Few’s non-lazy recruiting lost him the game Tuesday. What happened? Those NBA bound players lost interest early? Why did they lose?

Wasn’t there a guy from Russia or some where over that way Rose was working on getting entrance to BYU (Academic issue)?

Actually Jim, if you knew the real story behind Wasatch Academy… Won’t go into it because of where I work.

But let’s just say, I am not surprised they had a foreign player come there.

Also Jim, it seems there is now a trend for foreign players to come to the US and play in local high schools. We had a kid from Africa that played for Juan Diego HS that BYU football was recruiting, I believe he ended up at Utah.

But that seems to be a pattern that parents who want their kids to succeed in school and sports sends them to live with couple in the US.

Yes. And one from China that is coming. I think what he’s getting at but doesn’t want to say it is Rose doesn’t recruit enough blacks. People use the word “talent” so not to look racist. Personally, I think he does recruit around the country and world. But, with our standards and past history, only special spirits come to BYU that innately know the truth about the Church and it’s people.
As for recruiting the best member players, they just like to play for teams they grew up as fans of. And, maybe they just can’t handle the HC and entrance requirements. But, Jim sure likes Baxter and Childs. Local boys.

I remember this guy and thought he was going to BYU. But found this…

Utah was mentioned but he picked BYU. But, according to BYU he didn’t show up at fall camp and end up at Weber State.

You might be able to watch him in this Geico NC Tournament on ESPN - April 4-6

He failed the English test, twice according to BYU.

Maybe he should have gotten Felicity Huffman to bribe a coach :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

First off base comment based on what? Your comment is the only racist one. I don’t care what color someone is, I want Rose to look outside the state of Udaho for players.

Second uninformed comment. What leads you to believe this? Personally? There is nothing to indicate that is happening.

Another off base comment that sounds really arrogant. What are you really saying?

What makes you say that? Because I said Baxter should be starting over Worthington? I still believe that. Baxter was ready the day he signed his letter of intent. Rose sitting him and playing Luke was a waste of valuable time.

Nothing I said was racist. I didn’t say you were either. Your words are sometimes politically correct words instead of just saying what your thinking.
Baxter needed time to merge into college and class pressure. He didn’t need added pressure and so Rose waited until he was physically, emotionally and environmentally ready to handle it all. He cares about his players.

I guess Dastrup didn’t get that memo.

How in the world do you know what I am thinking? I have never been accused of being politically correct nor of being racist… until now. When you say people use the word “talent” so not to look racist, that is a racist comment in and of itself. Why is using the word “talent” a way to not look racist?

No it’s not. That’s just a CNN talking point. Just because you don’t say “black” doesn’t mean you are racist. And if you say black the same thing. So, I didn’t call you racist. I just pointed out I knew what you were talking about using “talent.” So, don’t say I called you racist.

I didn’t use the word “talent” in any way more than to talk about talented basketball players, not players of a specific race. That is where you are confused.

My gripe has always been with the lack of players from outside the state of Udaho. For whatever reason you are not comprehending that, even though I have said it many times. If you interpreted what I said in a different way then that is on you. I am trying to help you understand what I am talking about and you aren’t understanding.

And you are failing to comprehend Rose and coaching staff do go out of state looking for members and non-member talent of all races. It’s just that you never hear of all the kids that turn down BYU for many reasons but you instead think Rose isn’t doing the recruiting.
“Talent” is a word that is being used by white sportscasters in the place of saying “athletes who are black” or “black athletes.” Just thought you might want to know the political correct speech.

Prove it. You have nothing to back up this statement other than your never ending obsession with defending the coaches.

You have nothing to prove he doesn’t. What I have is the fact he has players from other parts of the country including Hardnett. How did he get here from Mississippi?
Rose has talked about this on BYU Sports Nation and other interview shows. So, it’s out there. You have nothing :slight_smile: