Recruiting Hunter Greer, Timp

This is my best friend’s son. I practically raised him, we spent so much time together. He killed his first elk with me. Anyhow…high character kid from a very tough, D1 baseball father. No millennial here, hard worker. Body can easily handle 260+ and still keep the speed.

Hunter dominated many players who were offered why ahead of him. Head scratcher we can only think that Sitake loves his polys…good thing they came around/ BYU got a diamond in the rough. Mission first and he will do the full 2 years unlike half these woosy kids today.

I will take your word for it and get on the hype train. Only one thing that I wish were different and that is I wish he could have tested his skills and played against tougher and better competition during his high school years.

I am glad that he dominated many players offered ahead of him but all that means is that BYU isn’t recruiting enough outside the local area and when they do they aren’t getting it right.

I can only use one example (though there are many others I’m sure) and that was when East HS in SLC, a football power in Utah, came out to SoCal and played Centennial in Corona they got worked something like 49-14. It’s just a different level of football… more competition at a higher level.

Sort of like when everyone thought the LP3 was going to take BYU to the final four. It isn’t that East or a lot of teams don’t have the talent because they do. It’s just that that talent gets this idea that they are really good but they don’t really play high level competition.

Haws was Mr. Basketball in Utah for 2 years and he has been average at BYU. But everyone said he would surpass his brother as the all time scorer… :flushed:

You know Jim, Your post is just plain strange. Why comment in a negative condescending way? Why not just say, I hope he does well or he has his priorities right in life or any one of a million things. Why tear down someone just because they did not play as good of talent as your caliboy teams? You act like Lone Peak bought that national championship with cyber cash, they could not have won it, after all, they are from Utah and we all know that unless it comes from SoCal, it’s not worth ■■■■.

It wasn’t condescending…

I am glad he is here and I am taking your word for it. Is there something wrong with wishing he could have played against better competition? I honestly hope he does really well. I am on the train.

I apologize for my comments otherwise. I am just really frustrated with the basketball team right now and it is carrying over to the football team as well. Neither one of these programs is doing very well at all.

Sorry Chris… I apologize.

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Jim, that is one thing I have always appreciated and respected from you. We all write stuff that gets read or taken out of context.

Hunter is currently playing center for the Timp. basketball team. I went to a game last week, Wasatch Academy, a team that is a D1 farm team. They do not play for a state title because they are unaffiliated and only play in tournaments. Every single one of the HS players have already received offers. 3 seven footers on the team.

Timp lost 53-47. Hunter, the football player held their big guys under their average. This team usually beats teams 80 to 30 something. Always nationally ranked.

The irony of that statement is not lost on me. Maybe I need to add baseball to my sports fandom realm. I’m terrified next football season will be sub 500. We’re good at rugby, soccer, baseball, volleyball, what else? I could see myself watching those even if I haven’t in the past.

Odds are we’ll finish 7-6 or 8-5 with decent injury luck and if we can identify the right QB. But I could also see that number go up or down by 3. I have no idea what to make of this team.

I’m nervous…optimism escapes me until I actually see it on the field.

You know why BYU is good in most of those sports you mentioned??? The coaching is great! Track is full of good coaching as is VB. Basketball is NOT! Rose needs to go! Give me 2 more years to watch Sitake to decide if he needs to go. Holmoe is on the hot seat!

I imagine relative recruit athletic level might also have something to do with it…

Just show me his replacement and I’ll hear you out. Rose needs to tweak a few things with player development and improve counters inside his system (which I know is just Schroyer but still). That seems more like a thing you need to get him to change before firing the guy.

I am annoyed with Holmoe because of the stagnation of the 2 major programs. I’ll agree there.

I agree with athletic level not being a high point of Roses ability. He simply has a very difficult time judging potential. He is average at judging guards and terrible at judging posts.